These 4 Zodiac Signs HATE Relationships

Although hating relationships seems to be a powerful statement, some people really struggle with commitment.

These individuals highly value their freedom and don’t want to compromise it for anything in the world! That’s why traditional relationships resemble cages for them, who prefer to keep things casual and NSA.

Read on and find out if the person you are dating is one of the zodiac signs that hate relationships.


aquarius zodiac sign

Aquarians are the most emotionally detached signs of the zodiac. These natives are independent, rebellious, and proudly go against the mainstream.

The good thing about dating Aquarians is that they are not jealous or possessive. They don’t want their partners complaining when they don’t answer the phone or go out with their friends. For that reason, they make it clear from the start that they don’t want a committed relationship.

Aquarians can spend a lot of time by themselves without it being a source of discomfort. They are social creatures and enjoy the company of their friends. However, they also greatly benefit from being by themselves.

In fact, Aquarians are happy to keep their relationships virtual because they do not need physical closeness to be contented. They are not very sexual and do not need romantic love to be happy.

Aquarians hate relationships, and if you are in love with one of them, it is best to accept it sooner than later.


sagittarius zodiac sign

Sagittarius also has a wild and free spirit that does not abide by rules. These individuals need space to roam freely, and a traditional relationship would not allow them to do so.

In addition, Sagittarius cannot commit to a person and swear their undying love to them. They are spontaneous and let themselves be carried away by the impulses of their hearts!

If they like someone they’ve just met, they will act on it instead of sticking to their existing relationship. This does not mean that they have bad intentions; on the contrary! Sagittarius tries to be honest from the outset to avoid misunderstandings.

People born under this zodiac sign want to explore the world, live all kinds of experiences, and enjoy life. A stable relationship would be a huge obstacle to this lifestyle.

Their partner would have to have exactly the same personality and goals to keep this from being a source of contention, which is not always possible. That’s why Sagittarius keeps things casual to avoid trouble in their life.


gemini zodiac sign

Geminis are too curious and frisky to commit to just one person. These natives have thousands of things to juggle in their days, among them many social events they happily attend.

For Geminis, settling into a relationship equals losing their freedom and unique lifestyle. They just love to meet new people, flirt and swiftly jump from one person to another.

Mercury-ruled Geminis are very intelligent but get bored quickly. Staying with the same person for extended periods of time, or worse! Having a routine is the same as a death sentence for them.

That’s why Geminis are the kings and queens of NSA relationships! Their youthful spirit makes them think they can live their whole life having fun without going deep into their attachments.

Geminis are social butterflies, but they don’t need anyone to be happy. They have many ways to keep themselves entertained on their own.


aries zodiac sign

People born under the Aries Sun are incredibly passionate, which is reflected in their love affairs.

But haven’t you noticed they seem intensely attracted to you when they first meet you, only to have their desire for you drop drastically after a while?

That’s why Aries don’t like relationships. These natives love the rush of meeting someone new, so much so that they will do anything to woo their crush.

But once Aries achieve this purpose, they lose interest. Hence, they go in search of new romantic interests that will rekindle the flame of passion in their hearts.

All relationships become routine after a while, which generates security for zodiac signs like Taurus or Virgo. In fact, they usually enjoy the stage of love the most!

But not Aries. They prefer to remain single and live lives from one passing and exciting romance to the next one.


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