Top 4 NARCISSISTS Zodiac Signs

Narcissism is a personality disorder, a condition that makes people have an inflated sense of importance. They are always on the lookout for attention and admiration and are known for lacking empathy.

So when present it can be found in most areas of life like education, finances, relationships and so on. One should act with care around a narcissist because they actually lack confidence and with fragile self-esteem, they can be easily hurt.

Because of the self-admiration they carry, relationships might feel unfulfilling for them. Anyone can become narcissistic, no matter their zodiac sign, but each one of them can express it in different ways.


Aries Zodiac Sign

The First House, ruled by Aries, is in connection with “ego” so for them at first comes their needs. They can even hurt the ones in their way in order to reach their personal goals, proving that they lack empathy.

When setting an ambition, they can put on blinders, ignoring the needs of anyone else. Because it is the first sign of the zodiac it is considered “the baby”. Their main goal is to create their identity, so they will be self-focused, knowing that in order to be noticed they must stand up.

This need, to be special, if taken to an extreme will make the native incapable of considering other people’s feelings. If they are unable to establish their identity, they will have abandonment issues. The narcissistic aspects can transform if they can find a sense of self-worth. If they manage to find joy in caring for people and begin to share mutual empathy with others they can become the leader the world needs.


Taurus Zodiac Sign

Ruled by Venus, Taurus natives can become so caught up in their fascinating beautiful world that they can ignore even the possibility that someone else can be fascinating. They are the second sign in astrology, so they can also be considered youngsters and don’t worry they will act like that.

Their sense of entitlement will make them believe that they just deserve more than the ones around them. They attract success and good luck just because they believe it and this confidence can sometimes get them in trouble. They also lack empathy so in their minds the world spins around them. The bull is the bully.

They will step over bodies and manipulate anyone in order for things to happen the way they want and that is the only way things can happen because that is the way they see things. Narcissism makes them very materialistic, so as soon they will find someone or something that can get them in front of others they will give up on anything around them.


Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Capricorn will want to bring justice to everyone because it is ruled by Saturn. When we talk about Capricorn, selfish, egotistical, opportunistic, and narcissistic, are adjectives that hit the spot. This sign is the ruler of the Tenth House of Status, so how they look and how they are seen by others is of utter importance to them.

They will always reach for the highest of standards in all fields of interest, money, power, and status. Just like the goat, Capricorn loves high places that give them the opportunity to look down on others. So they need to succeed and if there is any mistake and they fall from their high place, their need for superiority will grow with their insecurities as well. Capricorns will overcompensate if feeling insecure and this can turn them into supervillains.

Being unable to love or to be loved, they will show a lack of empathy and can even take advantage of others, because the only voice they hear and listen to is their own. It could be useful for them to live a healthy, self-aware life in order to tone down their narcissistic traits.


Virgo Zodiac Sign

As Earth signs, Virgos like and want to put all their dreams into reality. They know the value of their wisdom, but sometimes over-evaluate thinking they are the geniuses in the room. Always researching, they have the data and information, to give anyone the answer people need, so they can become liars.

Virgos can accept someone with success as long as it is not more successful than they are and because of this, they will never be satisfied with anything other people do. Nothing can get past them, especially wrongs, being very detail oriented. As narcissists do, Virgos look for perfection, in all fields of life, partners, house and job.

This search for perfection can make them misogynistic or misandry-like, choosing submissive partners that are below their intellectual level. With a good image of themselves, they will never accept that they are narcissistic and if someone points this out, they will twist and turn just so that you are just an accuser.


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