These 5 Zodiac Signs are BIG SOFTIES at Heart

The majority of people prefer to hide under a tough appearance. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they are lying or that they are fake, it’s just a defense mechanism that people use so that they are not getting hurt.

Even if they might look pessimistic, sarcastic or even bitter, they use these masks in order to protect their feelings. Even though they manage to keep it together most of the time, it doesn’t take long until the wall falls. Behind those, it’s just a pile of emotions gathered around their big heart.

Even if it doesn’t show, they are in constant contact with their emotions, just doing a great job at hiding them. But it is almost impossible for them to hide emotions all of the time and if they trust someone they will let you see their soft side.

Even if they prefer to look though and usually show their dark side these are five signs that are softies at heart as long as they agree to show their bright side.


Pisces Zodiac Sign

Pisces are believed to be the sign with the most unpleasant behavior. It is hard to predict their real attitude because they can jump from one extreme to another. One moment they can show off an evil side, the next they can be compassionate to the extreme.

Pisces like to look and feel cool and distant, but actually, they are big softies. Under all that cold behavior is a soft core that can best express through creativity.

After you get through their defense Pisces is an easy sign to communicate with. They are the charity workers of the zodiac; some can even call them the angels of God because there is no “too much” for them when it comes to helping others.

In relationships with others, Pisces are the ones that will always be by your side holding your hand, helping you get over obstacles. On the other hand, if you become their enemy, even if they will forgive you, you can never get behind his walls. For Pisces, it is important to understand that being kind makes you special.


Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancer is an emotional, loving people, a water sign. It is hard for them to think bad about others and love to help the ones in need. It is well known how emotional they can be, but the fun part is that it’s only the surface.

Deep down there is even more goodness. Sometimes they are known to become needy and as a self-defense mechanism, they tend to pull back at times. If they live with the fear that someone is going to hurt them and their feelings, they can become harsh showing their dark side.

Because of their helping nature, people usually take advantage of them, causing them trust issues, but they will not hold grudges for a long time. Family and close friends are of great importance to them and they will reach the end of the world if their help is needed.


Aries Zodiac Sign

People that are born under the Aries sign might seem stubborn, rude and even indifferent to others. They are usually invested in their work and it seems that for them spending time with others is just a matter of wasting time.

Even if they might look arrogant and over-competitive, their focus is mainly on the goal they have. Underneath that hard-working stubborn person, lives a person with real emotions. Once you gain their trust you will learn that Aries are one of the most caring and nurturing signs.

They care about other people, so don’t be surprised if you meet them doing charity work. They are usually heart-focused and will always be by your side in case of need.


Virgo Zodiac Sign

When we think about Virgos we imagine analytical people because they tend to bottle up emotions. But this doesn’t mean that they have no emotions, en contraire, they are one of the sweetest and kindest signs.

They are the ones that will come to your aid even if you are a stranger. They usually try to see the best side of every story, even if someone hurts them. Calm and always in control, Virgos are the image of selflessness, they will choose to make small actions that will constantly prove their big heart is there.

On appearance, they are practical, and self-effacing but underneath, when they show their emotions they will become sympathetic and loving.


Capricorn Zodiac Sign

When we think about Capricorn we are used to thinking about business, money and efficiency. They pretend not to care about others and that people are not worth investing in. They can even seem arrogant and that they have a superiority wall around them.

But that wall is only protection because they fear what can happen if the world really sees them and their sensitivity. They are afraid of looking fragile. But Capricorns are not only what they let people see, underneath all of that you will always find a warm heart.

Whenever they choose to open themselves and get over their social awkwardness they can create amazing bonds with people. Inside that warm big heart, you can find safety and good free advice at any time.


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