1. Sagittarius

To them, s*x doesn’t have to be emotional. It can be purely physical. That is why they are comfortable having one-night stands, friends with benefits, and booty calls. They have more matches on Tinder than they know what to do with.

2. Scorpio

You don’t have to do much to make a Scorpio horny. If they like you, then resting a hand on their thigh, pressing your lips against their neck, or even accidentally brushing up against their skin can put them in the mood. It happens that easily.

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3. Aries

An Aries will have s*x anytime. Any place. Inside of bathroom stalls at restaurants. Inside of changing rooms at the mall. In the backseat of their car on the side of the highway. When temptation strikes, they never hold themselves back.

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4. Capricorn

Capricorns have a short refractory period. They can orgasm and be ready for round two a few minutes later. When they are attracted to someone, they want to touch that someone every second of every day. They just can’t help themselves.

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5. Pisces

They don’t sleep with everyone they see, because they have high standards, but they do look at a lot of porn. Whenever they open their laptop to write a paper or do research, they get distracted by other things. On the plus side, they know exactly where to touch themselves because they have had a lot of practice.

6. Leo

They are only interested in monogamous relationships, so when they are single, their s*x drive is pretty low. But as soon as they enter a relationship with someone they find physically and mentally attractive, they want s*x every second of the day. They can’t get enough of it.

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7. Gemini

A Gemini’s s*x drive depends on their stress levels. Some weeks, the only thing they can think about is getting laid. Other weeks, s*x barely crosses their mind because they have other things to worry about. Their s*x drive is either sky high or nonexistent.

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8. Libra

Libras appreciate beauty, but just because someone has six-pack abs or a pretty face doesn’t mean that they automatically want to sleep with that person. They can admire someone without wanting to jump into bed with them. That is why they would never cheat.

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9. Aquarius

If you are dating them and initiate s*x with them, they are probably going to go along with it. But they rarely initiate it themselves. It just doesn’t cross their mind.

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10. Virgo

They enjoy s*x , but they don’t expect to have it multiple times per day. They might not even expect it multiple times per week. Once in a while is good. They aren’t the greedy type. To them, any s*x life is a good s*x life.

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11. Taurus

Honestly, on most days they would rather have a back rub or a foot rub than have s*x . It’s not really their fault that they think that way, either. Most of the s*x they’ve had in the past was bad s*x , so they’re never really in the mood.

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12. Cancer

To them, intimacy doesn’t just mean s*x . It means holding hands. Cuddling in bed. Having real conversations. They value intellect and sense of humor over s*x.

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