Gemini and Leo

This pairing is the social outgoing pair. They have vibrant personalities and are a lot of fun. Also, they both love affection and praise and give it to each other often. The Leo leader is perfect for the indecisive Gemini. They need someone who will pull them in one direction a time or two.

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Taurus and Cancer

These two are the most loyal signs of the zodiac. Together they make the most powerful, trustworthy pair that is in tune with their emotions. You both tend towards enjoying relaxing activities like coffee dates or painting. Cancers are emotional and they require validation from their relationships. A Taurus is the perfect emotional support for a Cancer because their practicality allows them to help their Cancer work through their emotions. Because of this, a Cancer is willing to put up with the infamous Taurus stubbornness.

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Capricorn and Pisces

This couple is honest and can be devoted to one another. They admire one another: Capricorn appreciates Pisces’s kind nature, and Pisces is drawn in by Capricorn’s quick wit and tenacity. They both can really put their heads together and can fulfil one another necessity.

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Virgo and Scorpio

These two are a match made in heaven. These signs have opposing traits that perfectly balance each other out. Scorpios are brazen and resourceful, whereas the Virgo is smart and hardworking. They always come up with the best plans and ideas, and better yet, they are great at following through. Virgos are hard on themselves, but Scorpios know how to build their self-esteem and provide effective encouragement. These two could be great best friends, great lovers, and business partners.

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Aries and Aquarius

These two will get along because they both are confident and fierce. This pairing provides the ultimate team. Aries is physically inclined, whereas Aquarius is mentally inclined. Seemingly, they balance each other out. They are extremely complementary. Aquarius can be moody and bland, whereas Aries bleed positivity and vitality. Alternatively, Aries can be quick to anger and Aquarius are practical by nature, so, they think before they act.

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Libra and Sagittarius

These two are strong, lovable weirdos with an unconditional love attached to for one another. Sagittarius is free and no-holds-barred, while the Libra is more diplomatic. So even though you will occasionally disagree, you will still love each other deeply. You also share the immense love of pleasing others.

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