You recognize what you desire, and also you won’t compel it. If you’re not clicking with the particular person, you’re not going to chase them. You’re mosting likely to be straightforward and surrender. You instead wait on the actual offer.

Your head is telling you that you ought to give it a try, however, your heart is pulling you far from your relationship. At the end of the day, you’ll attempt to determine why you are escaping from the potential connection, however, the only thing you’re doing is following your heart which is the ideal thing to do.


Your stubbornness is your largest issue. Normally, you just can’t confess that you are wrong. You’re not going to get over your pride as well as be a much better person. You’re only going to continue pushing in the direction you feel is right.

You’re escaping from love since you’re unable to make a concession. You think you’re right at all times and even if you’re not, you won’t admit it.


You want people to like you as well as occasionally it comes to be all you ever consider, how to make everybody like you and also how to fit in with the crowd.

When you fall in love, this is precisely your largest fear– the anxiety of getting declined due to the means you act and exactly how you seek to others. You’re pushing love away because you’re consumed with what they’ll think of you as well as how you’ll search in their presence.


You need to understand that there is no such point as perfection. No one’s best, and also neither are you. You need to approve that you have flaws like everybody else, which’s okay.

You subconsciously compel yourself into pushing love away since you are also unconfident and there are a lot of points you do not such as concerning yourself. You think you’re unlovable as a result of it.

On the other hand, if the person you’re dating likes you only due to your appearance or something as superficial as that, you do not require that individual in your life. Do not allow your defects to specify you and also stop you from locating love. Most of us have them.


A really happy Leo that is utilized to being on his own will not fall in love that quickly. You know that the stage is yours. There is the only location for someone up there, which is you.

So, it’s very tough for you to share it with someone else. That is why you’re pressing the love away– at least until you fulfill someone who’s that special and almost perfect that you’re going to accept them and let them beam as vibrantly as you.


A perfectionist like you is always searching for imperfections in everything you do. An additional point is your freakishly high demand for control. These are the two points that make you press love away.

If you’re consumed with a small point that nobody notices but you, you’re going to lose out on the large one– love. It’s frustrating when somebody notices everything. Those things are regular, and also all of us have them. Get utilized to it, and do not sweat the little stuff. It’ll cost you ultimately.


You intend to be simple, as well as you’ll attempt so difficult not to hurt any individual. You’re generally consumed with others, just how they feel and if they are satisfied or not.

You understand that you aren’t ideal, which’s why you wind up alone every single time. You’re scared to show your flaws to other individuals, which is what is bringing you down continuously. Let your imperfections out because, as you know it, no one is best.


You’re frightened of obtaining pain, yet there’s one point you do not comprehend and that is: you can’t escape from that. You have to get injured to locate and also value love.

You’re terrified of being discarded, so when you sense trouble in heaven, you leave your partner instantly as well as defeat them to it. This is how you’re damaging your lovemaking. Do not be terrified of getting pain since pain is something you have to experience so you could be able to love genuinely.


You are not the sort of individual who will certainly stay in one location for as well long. You get easily burnt out, as well as you wish to proceed to look for something much more exciting. Even if you remain in a partnership, you may get up one day, determine that you’re tired, and simply leave.

You escape from love since you reject to clear up. This is not as much your issue as it is of the person dating you.


You just don’t recognize how to make room for love in your routine. You’re constantly too hectic with another thing. And additionally, you’re scared that you’re going to lose your freedom if you begin dating somebody.

That’s not true. You do not have to be afraid of that, and as far as work is concerned, you’re always mosting likely to be hectic because you’re that type of individual. So, you far better find a means to integrate love into your life, or else, you’ll wind up alone.


You set the bench at your own expense. Your expectations on your own are insanely high. While the individual you’re dating is completely satisfied as well as happy with you, you assume that you’re unsatisfactory.

You continue trying, and also ultimately, you end up frightened that you are dissatisfied with the person beside you. Do not place that much stress on yourself since you’re great just the way you are.


You’re just in a partnership till the points obtain are challenging. You’re made use of having whatever is peachy and also great, however sadly, love doesn’t function by doing this. You have rough times, and you have to fight for what you desire.

However, a minimum of thus far, you haven’t located that ideal individual to combat for, and also you abandoned ship each time when you reached an issue. This is why love draws you. Following time, attempt to fight, offer on your extra, and then see what happens.


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