Do they even exist, the one big love ? Yes, they exist! According to psychologists, we even experience love three times in our lives. Each of them is important for our development. Of course that does not mean that each of us goes through exactly these three loves in exactly three relationships . 

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Some may have many affairs before meeting their love. Others may experience the first love several times before they are ready for the second. For the experts, it’s all about the three forms of love. Three stages that each of us goes through in the course of his life. How, with whom and how often is completely individual.

1. The first love

Nobody forgets the first great love. The memories feel like they were just yesterday. Because we have experienced everything for the first time. We have no comparison and live in the idea of ​​total perfectionism. The belief that it is the “only true love” and this for iwill last forever and longer, lets us overlook all the little problems.

We really hail our partner and tend to idealize him. That’s why the separation is all the more painful and tears the ground from under our feet. Usually it is the concerns of parents or friends, through which the first great love is shaken. When it ends, there is a double farewell: from love itself and from our ideal. We learn from it that the partner is not perfect and never will be. We are now aiming for a partner at eye level.

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2. The second love

The second great love brings so many hurdles. We now know that not everything can be perfect, we have become more cautious. All this leads to a rollercoaster ride of emotions. There are obstacles and disputes to overcome to sustain the fire of passion. We spend more time getting love than just enjoying it.

It is no wonder that the second love demands a lot of strength and that can not go well in the long run. We get to know ourselves better and do not listen to the advice of others, but to our inner voice – and this says that it is perfectly alright to just let go. The second love teaches us self-knowledge, and that it does not always make sense to hold on to things.

3. The third love

After the second love, we have enough of all this and actually do not even think about the whole love stuff – and there it gets and suddenly. The third great love comes when we least expect it. At first glance, it also seems completely wrong to us, actually we do not see any similarities and yet it is somehow magical and we fall head over heels in love.

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The best part is that you have no expectations because love has come so unexpectedly. We learn to accept love as it is. How to learn that love does not have to be what we always talked about and we come to terms with ourselves. The third great love often survives even the hardest times and we can fully indulge ourselves.

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