Many people stay in relationships that should already be over long ago. Those who are not happy with their partner, but not just automatically and withdraws from the situation – but why not? The question of why people remain in non-fulfilling partnerships has now been clarified by a new study by the University of Utah .

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Why people stay in unhappy relationships

Everyone has ever wondered when the point is reached, where to go out of the relationship – or whether this is perhaps already exceeded. Many people give their love happiness over and over again a new chance, without ever being really happy. Researchers at the University of Utah have now looked into the motivations and have come to the following conclusion.

People are especially in a relationship in which they themselves are not satisfied, if the partner depends very much on them and the partnership. We do it for the sake of the other person. In addition, the researchers have come to the conclusion that they are from a long-term relationship Also, because of the fear often resonates, you would not find new love and forever single.

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