And the marmot greets you every day! As in the film ” Groundhog day “, many couples are stuck in a time loop. Always the same crap with the same person. Year for year. And more and more into your own misfortune. But why stay in an unhappy relationship instead of ending it and finally being happy?

It is obvious. There are the children who should not end up as “tragic” children of divorce; the house for which the loan has to be paid until death and the possible financial dependencies. And on the other hand you argue, criticize yourself, have no more say, no longer appreciate the other and maybe there is everything else, just no more love. It is 3: 5 and yet you do not separate.

You’d rather pull the relationship out like chewing gum, as if there was one last spark of hope. But it has long since vanished, because after the next argument she is cleaning the toilet with his toothbrush. Whether he can get sick or not has long been of no interest to her. He can’t infect them anyway, because there is icy cold between them anyway. Welcome to the relationship reality where you are content with what you have, even though you loathe it deep inside.

You just stay out of comfort. And also because you have security – from an economic perspective. Because a separation always means financial losses. And even in the 21st century, some women, emancipation or not, are unable to look after themselves and are financially dependent on their husband, whom she has not seen for a long time. And of course everything that has been built up hard over the years has cost money, time and energy. Was it all for nothing, just to be happy again?

And then you don’t want to disappoint or hurt anyone and prefer to humiliate yourself. The guilt of leaving the family in mourning would be too great and the question arises whether they can ever forgive the separation. Especially when you end the relationship because another person was a catalyst to take the step and you are finally satisfied. Without load. But shouldn’t you just be satisfied with what you have?

Be frugal. Because it can hit you a lot worse? Always. But whoever believes that chewing gum will not tear at some point if you chew on it forever and then try to pull yourself in front of it is wrong. But before that happens in the end, you continue to vegetate. Unhappy. And once again, it seems right, even though it feels wrong.


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