The majority of us favour the lush beauty filling the summer months with picturesque memories, which is why we’ve spent all of our time swimming, tanning, and exploring the beauty of a lively Mother Nature. What will become of us when the sunshine steps away and we’re left with dreary grayness, endless rainfall, and biting frost? You’re not alone in dreading the end of summertime.

What can our star signs reveal about how we’re handling the finality of this season? While there could be an Air sign dreaming of hot chocolate and fireside snuggles, the vast majority of Water signs are weeping over the fading heat; summer is when they can spend the most time in their element! As each male and female counterpart of every Astrological sign faces the demise of summer flings, the memories of Summer 2018 will fade with their tan and toned bodies. Whether you’re not ready to pack away your favorite bikini, or you know the winter will bring you seasonal sadness you cannot escape, everyone is pining over the bittersweet final weeks of summer before autumn creeps into reality. Here is why each star sign is dreading the end of summer, and it might explain why your boyfriend or best friend have been so moody!

A Cancer Woman Is Incredibly Intuitive, And She Knows Her Summer Romance Is Not Built To Last Come Autumn… For Several Reasons

A planetary retrograde scheduled towards the last weeks of summer will likely bring out a Cancer woman’s most tenacious traits, and she can already feel her heart changing.

A Cancer woman will experience her insecure and pessimistic qualities rise, and it’s likely because she’s realized her summer love isn’t everything she thought it was.

Her powerful intuition will reveal an inner sense of displeasure with this short-term partner, which is why the beginning of autumn might inspire this gentle woman to turn a new leaf with her summer fling in the past. In with the new, out with the old, right?


As A Water Sign, A Cancer Man Feels Most At Home Swimming In The Nearby Rivers, Lakes, And Oceans, But…

Whether he’s driving by the ocean in the car he only brings out during the summer, or he’s walking down to the river with you hand in hand, it’s impossible to keep this Water sign away from the lakes. Bringing him into his element allows his mind to become whole. When a Cancer man has a mind at peace, he is often more loving towards his partners, and you’ll find the best memories with this man are often made during the summer by the lakeside. He feels wistfully sad at the end of the summer season, so if a Cancer man is apart of your life, be prepared for some glum moods.

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A Gemini Woman Will Feel More Confined In The Cooler Months, As She Is Known For Spending Every Waking Moment Outside During Summer

A sad truth about Gemini women is that they often suffer from anxiety; their nervous nature and indecisiveness doesn’t always bode well for their minds. Summer can ease their chatty head-space by offering more freedom than the other seasons; nothing is quite as settling as laying in the grass with the sun on your face.

A Gemini woman knows nature offers solace without confinement, which is why she spends every waking hour outside during the hot weather.

It won’t be long before the chill chases her inside, and the walls around her often lead to her thoughts bouncing off of them. Gemini women aren’t looking forward to this tumultuous shift.


While Spontaneity And Summer Fit Hand In Hand, A Gemini Man Knows The Fun Will End In The Fall

Whims are plentiful when the weather is sunny, but options for spontaneous fun decline when the temperature dips. Luckily, Geminis are the most adaptable sign in Astrology, but this character will still feel the blues hit him as the warmth fades away. Perhaps he wanted to capture a few more summer flings before he decided who to keep around during the winter, or maybe he appreciates the endless possibility summer always offers, but the Gemini man can feel his freedom ebbing away with each closing day of August. The first day of autumn is around the corner!

While Libra women do tend to be social butterflies, they have a deep appreciation for solitude as well.

If you asked a Libra woman how she spends her alone time, this intelligent woman likely will say “with a good book”, and of course a good book is always better with the sun beaming down on your face.

Sure, reading a novel while you cozy up to a warm fire on a winter morning is always delightful, but a Libra woman will always pick the outdoors over inside comforts. Before the end of summer hits, you can find her soaking up the blue skies and humidity before its all over.


Libra Men Love The Outdoors, And They Find Themselves Filled With Gloom When Autumn Arrive

It’s hard to describe the joy of a Libra man in his element; outside in the sunshine among close friends, he is the person he was made to be. While a little rain or a pile of snow isn’t enough to scare him away from the outdoors, he knows his friends do not share his resolve, and more time is bound to be spent indoors when the weather turns. A Libra man is dreading this shift, as he flourishes in nature and in social situations, but these scenarios are harder to come by when the leaves fall from the trees.


Virgo Men Tend To Lose Their Confidence When Their Tan Fades Away

While you can appreciate Virgo men for their hardworking natures and ingrained loyalty, their confidence is shallow and framed by a rickety fence. Insecure to a fault, their self-esteem tends to be patched up during the summer months, when their skin takes on a healthy glow and darkens fast. Unfortunately, most of us are not blessed by yearlong sunshine, and this signals the end of the summer heat sweltering up the Virgo man’s confidence. He knows it won’t be long before he finds himself questioning the reflection in the mirror. No one is happy when their self-esteem takes a blow.


 Virgo Woman Is Concerned The End Of The Summer Could Change Her Routine

A Virgo woman structures herself around work with little play—a routine with little deviation.

Obviously, her routine must change with the seasons, and this is what a Virgo woman is dreading.

Perhaps she’s found an escape in the evening beach trips, or she doesn’t want to lose the joy of finding the ripe, juicy fruits at the grocery store that are only in season during the heat. The end of a season always brings forth newness, and Virgo women are known for despising change. While you might stress over the unknown and over-analyze an upcoming schedule change, you should try to focus on the happiness summer brought you.


Money Always Feels Tighter In The Winter Months, And The Leo Men Of This World Aren’t Ready To Stop Spending

What do Leo men love doing? Taking holidays. Is it expensive to take holidays all the time? Yes, especially when you have the champagne taste of this lion. Everyone’s budget tightens during the winter months, especially when Christmas creeps around the corner and demands you conform to its consumerism. While the Leo male might love receiving gifts, he knows the walls of his bank account could cave in on him. They’re called the January blues for a reason, right?

A Leo typically loves summer fashion above all else, so he’s broken the budget already in the midst of moving towards fall. This is why the end of summer is never his favorite time of year.


 Leo Woman Does What She Loves The Most During The Summer Months, And She Isn’t Ready To Say Goodbye

Leo women are known for having careers and jobs that are based around the summer months.

While working won’t stop just because fall sets in, the glory of working outside under the rays of sunshine is about to end.

Raincoats and rubber boots are just around the corner, and it means saying goodbye to making money while tanning. Your summer job is always around the corner, and whether you just love apple picking during July or guiding whale watching tours in the midst of August, you know your fun-in-the-sun will return next year. It’s never easy to say goodbye, however, and Leo women are too passionate to quit what they love.





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