You might be wondering why you’re still single. You may be afraid that you will remain alone for a lifetime. You long for a fulfilling relationship, for love and sexual intimacy. In particularly dark moments, you think it’s all your fault. Then self-doubt comes up. Why is it that everyone else in the world seems to have someone – just not you? Let’s get to the bottom of this question together!

Maybe you secretly think you’re not attractive enough. Not slim enough. Or not athletic enough. First of all: Your appearance plays a role in the answer to the question: “ Why am I single? ” does not matter. All around you are average-looking, chubby, unsportsmanlike people having romantic relationships. Attractive women often have a particularly difficult time in love.

No, you don’t have to be beautiful, slim, or athletic to find a loving partner. None of this plays a crucial role. It’s enough just to be yourself. But that’s where the challenge often lies.

Why? We’ll get to that in a moment!

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“Why am I still single” – 5 possible reasons
Especially in the evenings and at weekends, the frustrating question comes up: ” Why am I single? “ probably high in you. Your girlfriends spend romantic couple evenings. They go out, go on exciting city trips, and experience something.

Only you, as a permanent single, are sitting at home alone again with popcorn and Netflix.

Let’s look at why you don’t have a romantic relationship.

You’re looking too desperately

Is your entire life revolving around finally finding your life partner? Are you constantly going to singles’ parties to break that ” single forever ” curse? In that case, worst-case scenario, you’re not picky enough. You may not even check if the other person is right for you. Spontaneous sex may not be out of the question for you. The main thing is that someone is there.

But… nobody makes you happy. A fulfilling relationship includes building trust and letting yourself go. Real intimacy is not possible otherwise.

Desperation when looking for a partner can lead to wrong decisions:

You may be clinging to someone who isn’t right for you at all.

For him to like you, you must meet all of his expectations.
You don’t set any limits and let yourself be taken advantage of.
You’re not doing yourself any favors.

Think about what you want in a relationship. What should your dream man be like? Where are you willing to compromise, and where not?

Be aware of the following: You are a valuable, special person! And you deserve a significant other who truly suits you and treats you with respect.

You are not actively looking
The opposite isn’t helpful either: If you curl up at home in your free time, nobody will find you. Give other people the chance to discover what a wonderful person you are!

You don’t necessarily have to throw yourself into the nightlife. You can also meet your dream partner on a stroll through the city, in the supermarket, or at the museum.

The main thing is that you go out the door and that you are open to getting to know other people in your single life. What helps are social activities.

why am I single

You are too shy
Have you been single for a long time or even your whole life? Does the thought of having to approach other people to make you break out in a sweat? Relationship anxiety can play a role in not having a partner yet. You may be self-sabotaging. Too shy to flirt?

What can help you: Sign up for a paid single exchange or dating site. It is easier to make contacts in the virtual world than in real life.

In addition, there is another decisive advantage: Anyone on the go with a paid account on dating portals is in most cases looking for love and a partnership on an equal footing. This makes it easier for you to start conversations with men.

Online you can show yourself in your profile without fear, as you are. Take the opportunity: Present yourself in unedited photos. Be honest about your thoughts, interests, and hobbies! Then you attract the people who suit you and feel addressed by you.

You are pretending and you are not yourself

” Why am I still single? I do everything to please other people. “You may be holding back your opinion. Or you might even say the opposite of what you’re thinking to avoid offending. Behind this could be the fear that you are not enough. That you are not lovable, that you are not enough.

But if you are not honest, others will have no idea who you are. They may sense that you are not authentic. Your radar reports that something is wrong with you. That repels people who are at peace with themselves. Result: You remain alone.

You have unrealistic expectations
When you think of a partner, do you think of a Hollywood romantic comedy hunk: young, handsome, fit? Of someone who carries his beloved in his hands and reads her every wish from her eyes? That works in films. One romantic gesture follows the next. Of course, they have breathtaking sex, in which both of them – typical Hollywood – come at the same time.

Film romances, romance novels, and media personalities paint a picture of relationships that usually ignores the reality of life.

Be realistic. When you meet a man, don’t expect him to read your mind or philosophize like a waterfall about his feelings. Give yourselves time to get to know each other.

83% of all single women would like to be taken!

This anonymous test will help you find out

what it is.

“Why are you

still single?”

Find out!

This test will help you find the man of your dreams. With this unique test, we would like to allow you to get your problems with men under control. So take 1 minute and answer all 6 questions.

The results vary from person to person and you will be offered solutions that are perfectly tailored to you.

Acknowledge your singleness and let go

It may be a while before you face your Mr. Right. Trust that you will meet the right person. After all, it should be someone who suits you. It’s worth waiting for him.

Until then you have enough else to do. Focus on yourself. Build your self-esteem. Then you’ll be ready when he stands in front of you and – hopefully – ends your single life once and for all.

7 recommendations for your single self

Enjoy your life
Do you make finding a relationship the number one priority in your life? Then you miss out on many wonderful opportunities. Your life doesn’t just begin when you’re no longer single. Your life happens here and now.

Maybe you think that only a steady partner can make you happy and give your existence meaning. But that would mean all people in relationships have to be incredibly happy. You know that’s not the case.

Whether we are happy and content or not depends on many things. A love relationship alone is no guarantee for this.

Make your plans
Don’t forget: You are the most important person in your life! Your life is precious. Every second, every minute, every hour of your life is only available to you once.

Is your everyday life more or less rippling along? You should change that.

Make plans for yourself:

What do you want to achieve this year?
Where do you want to spend New Year’s Eve?
What would you like to see, do, experience, and discover?
Which of your skills would you like to develop further?
What secret wish would you like to fulfill?
The more concrete your plans, the better. This ensures that you keep your goals in mind.

Being single doesn’t mean being unhappy

Enjoy your freedom
The question: ” Why am I single ?” ‘ has something negative about it. Being single has many advantages:


don’t have to explain anything to anyone.
don’t need to compromise.
you are not accountable to anyone.
Being single means you can do whatever you want. Use your freedom! Nobody slows you down.

Isn’t that great?

accept yourself

You probably think that’s easy to say. How are you supposed to accept or even like yourself when nobody seems to find you interesting enough for a partnership?

Your self-esteem is an important issue. How you think about yourself is reflected on the outside. When you feel deep down that you’re not worth it, that’s precisely what you’re conveying to other people. If you treat yourself well, those around you will respect you too. Work on your self-esteem!

Celebrate your achievements

Take stock. Look at what you have mastered in your life. Pat yourself on the back for what you have achieved. You don’t need anyone else to be proud of you. What matters most is that you are happy with yourself.

Do you tend to see the negative in yourself? Then start a success diary! Write down everything that you did well. Every success, every positive feedback from your environment. If you’re feeling down because you’re agonizing over the question, ” Why am I single?” read it. Realize that your happiness does not depend on the approval of other people.

Spend time with your family and friends
You’ve probably experienced it yourself: your best friend met someone. Suddenly she has no more time for you. Once you’ve found your partner, you’ll probably feel the same way. Now you still have room for your parents, siblings, and friends. Use this opportunity!

Question your thoughts

Do you know the ” law of attraction “? Some theories say we attract what we think. That is, if you constantly think that you will remain an unhappy permanent single, you radiate exactly this desperation. This is how you push other people away from you.

Your charisma changes with a more positive view of the world. Decide on something like, “ No one wants me, ” for example, “ I want to be in a relationship with a man who loves me and accepts me for who I am. “It sounds completely different.

Single or not – diverse interests make you exciting as a person. When you have plans and achieve your goals, you feel good. This in turn is reflected in growing self-confidence. And that is extremely attractive. Regardless of what you look like.


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