There are things happening to all of us which are beyond our control. It’s simple. Sometimes, destiny deals us a set of bad cards, as much as we try to fight it.

But what we can do is control our reactions to everything that is going on in our lives. And that is why we are giving you an opportunity to prepare yourself for what’s coming. We are here to give you a heads up by telling you what will be the worst month for your zodiac sign in the upcoming year.

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I know that we all spend the initial part of the year waiting for summer and hoping to have an amazing one. But sadly, for you, that won’t be the case because the worst month of 2019 for everyone belonging to this zodiac sign is June.

This will be the part of the year in which you’ll face many challenges and difficulties. And it is up to you to be strong enough to face each one of them the right way.

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If you belong to this zodiac sign, you are up for a great year. You won’t encounter any serious problems until the end of 2019 because December will be your worst month. Luckily, it means that you’ll have enough positive energy to prepare yourself for every inconvenience that might occur to you.

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When it comes to Gemini, you are about to experience a similar fate to that of an Aries because these zodiac signs are about to have a pretty shitty summer. Your rockiest month in 2019 will be July because this is the month in which your love life will go through a crisis.

But at the same time, July will be the month of big decisions and a month which will help you see some things more clearly. So please, instead of looking at everything bad as the end of the world, look at it as a blessing.

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You might not even be aware of this, but you are already living your worst month of this year, as we speak. And even though you might see this as a bad thing—after all, who likes to start things off on a wrong foot—it is actually great.

Look at everything from a brighter perspective. After January is over, you’ll know that you are up for a stress-free year because everything bad has already happened.

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Even though you’ll have one hell of a summer, when it comes to its end, a cold shower will await you because September will be the worst month of this year for you. This is the month in which everything will seem to be going downhill and a month in which negative thoughts and pessimism will consume you almost completely.

But fear not, because the light at the end of the tunnel always exists, even when you fail to see it. And it will always be there for you, to enlighten your path.

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Sadly, your birthday month won’t be very festive for you because similar to Leo, September is the time of the year in which you’ll face the biggest changes and most difficulties. Just make sure not to be the one who makes all of these difficulties even harder. Make sure to look at things from a brighter perspective and not to let pessimism overwhelm you completely because I assure you that you’ll have an amazing winter of 2019.

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If you belong to this zodiac sign, the worst month of 2019 for you will be June, and this is especially the truth when it comes to your personal life. June will be the month in which you’ll have some difficulties regarding your love life.

This is the period of your life when you’ll have to make some important decisions because you are about to find yourself at a crossroads—the period of your life in which you’ll have to learn to prioritize some things and choose a path to follow.

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When it comes to Scorpio, the worst month for you in this following year will without a doubt be March. But that is a good thing because you have plenty of time to prepare yourself for everything bad that is about to go on and even more time to make things better in the rest of the year.

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The truth is that you’ll be making many mistakes in the following year. But that is not the worst part. The worst part is that you will choose to ignore all of your bad moves until they pile up and start haunting you towards the end of the year.

And that is why December will be the worst month of 2019 for you. The month in which you’ll have to face the consequences of your bad choices and a month in which you’ll have to be strong enough to resolve your problems.

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If you belong to this zodiac sign, watch out in October because it is the month which will bring you many problems concerning both your personal and professional lives. And it is only up to you whether you’ll let these challenges knock you off of your feet or you’ll come out of all of this stronger than ever.

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For Aquarius, the worst month of 2019 will definitely be February. Yes, the truth is that February is the shortest month of the year but for you, it will also be the toughest one.

But even in the hardest of times, make sure to remember that everything bad comes to an end, sooner or later. And so will this crappy month.

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Spring should be one of the happiest seasons for everyone. But you are an exception when it comes to 2019 because April will be the most challenging month for you this year.

It is the month in which you’ll have to face some of your deepest fears and a month in which you’ll have to show all of your strength and bravery. But trust me—everything that will happen will only shape you into a better version of yourself.

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