Relationships are the core of our very existence, and each of us has experienced a relationship at some point in our lives. Now it seems that the older we get, the more experience we have and with that. Often, this comes with wisdom gained through observation. As we progress through life our role and the roles of others—regarding relationships—begin to change. This change is often heavily influenced by observing both our partners as well as ourselves in a way that will allow for reflection and growth. We tend to at least try to take the lessons we have learned from past relationships with us into future ones, but there are some character traits that may be a bit harder to break.

While it is not immediately obvious to everyone the importance astrology signs play when it comes to our relationships, there is definitely something that we can learn from each and every one of the signs as we progress throughout our life. These lessons will help us understand ourselves as well as our partners in a way that we never have before, and will allow us to realize that some habits are easier to change than others. Continue reading below to see what each sign gives and takes from the relationship.

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Aries Takes On The Leadership Role

Aries are known for being natural born leaders, and this quality is important in relationships because that means we can rely on them for things such as decision making. Being a leader will often provide us with comfort because we know that we won’t have to make the final decision in situations where it is uncomfortable to do so. This leadership quality coupled with their need for adventure means that we can pretty much guarantee that dating an Aries will keep you intrigued, according to Bustle. It is important for us to keep these qualities in mind so that we are not caught off guard by Aries and their personalities.

Aries Shows Their Impulsivity

While being the leader is a great quality to possess the impulsivity often shown by Aries can be troublesome, as per Insider. When made to feel threatened or jealous, Aries has a tendency to act without thinking, which can often lead to confrontation—something most of us would like to avoid if possible. Along with being impulsive, Aries are notorious for being stubborn, according to Thought Catalog, which can be problematic in and of itself. As stated above, we should keep these characteristics in our mind when dating an Aries so that nothing could be a surprise for us.

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Taurus Will Provide A Routine

For those of us who are not known for self-discipline, dating a Taurus may be a good way of introducing ourselves to this idea, as per Thought Catalog. This is because Taurus is known for their routines and they are eager to help us create one, too. While dating a Taurus you can expect to go on traditional dates, but we absolutely cannot be late. Punctuality is important for routines. Dating a Taurus may be a very good thing for those of us who are perpetually late for events or for those of us who refuse to plan anything in advance. We should be open to seeing how we can benefit from a relationship with a Taurus.

Taurus Is Stubborn

While routines are important and can provide many benefits, the downfall to a relationship with a Taurus is their possessiveness, according to Bustle. While they are not notorious for being stubborn like Aries, they do tend to have an air of possession to them. Assuring them that they can trust us even when they aren’t with us—and that it is okay to be apart—could be the key to a happy relationship. A Taurus can be a very stubborn individual. It may be hard getting them to see our point of view, but any relationship with one of these signs will be well worth it.

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Geminis Will Excite!

Looking for a thrill? According to Higher Perspective, Geminis will keep us on our toes. A Gemini has a multitude of different likes and dislikes and without hesitation provides us with excitement. The constant need for change will provide an exciting road to travel down. When we consider this trait as well as their thirst for knowledge and thoughtfulness, Geminis certainly appear to bring a lot to the table. They simply will not settle for boring; so, we should be prepared to buckle up because we are about to be taken for a serious ride that will change the course of our life!

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Geminis Get Around

We all know someone who just can’t seem to keep their eyes to themselves, even when they are in a relationship with someone else. Is that person coming to mind right now? This person is most definitely a Gemini, as they are known for “getting around,” according to Insider. We need to be honest with ourselves when in a relationship with a Gemini because we will more than likely be hurt. It has been stated via Thought Catalog that they pick their partners for a reason, but just because they may have chosen us it does not mean that we are safe.

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Cancer Is The Most Trusting

Past relationships may have had a tendency to make us feel as though we can’t be trusted, and if this is the case, then our next relationship should be with a Cancer. According to Thought Catalog, Cancers are the most trusting sign when in a relationship. Cancers don’t appear to have any issues when it comes to emotions—both feeling them and expressing them. Relationships with a Cancer will surely make us feel good about the present once we realize that we are trusted— which is something some of us have never had before, but it is surely something we will never forget.

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Cancer May Be Too Sensitive

While being trusted is an amazing feeling for any of us who have not experienced it before, we need to exercise some caution when entering into a relationship with a Cancer. According to Bustle, Cancers are soft and sensitive souls. They have a tendency to take everything to heart. Honesty that goes both ways is one of the things that will keep the relationship thriving, even in the event that something has been said and taken the wrong way. Nonetheless, we have to remain vigilant of the Cancer partner’s feelings. They may emotionally and mentally drain us with their overly sensitive nature.


Leo Teaches Loyalty

Leo is definitely one of the most generous and loyal signs we can get involved with, according to BustleThey are loyal to a fault. When coupled with this sign, we will surely not ever be made to feel as though there is any cause for concern when it comes to infidelity. While we will come to know that Leos are very trustworthy and all about commitment, we may also quickly realize that they may not share these feelings with us. That being said, relationships with a Leo can be some of the most eye-opening relationships of our lives.

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Leo Needs To Be The Center Of Attention

While we may know that Leos are loyal, there is a downfall to being in a relationship with them. Leos have the need to be the center of attention, according to Thought Catalog, which is a character trait with many pitfalls. Being the center of attention will mean that we are expected to give Leos our undivided attention. This may seem okay at first, but it is also something that will more than likely become an issue in the relationship quite quickly. As with any couplehood—especially when first starting out—we need to be mindful of the importance of not losing ourselves to be with a Leo.

The Romantic Libra

The strong and charming personality of Libra will lead us to realize that they are more often than not hopeless romantics. Being in a relationship with a Libra will feel as though they are doing anything that they can to please us— because they will, according to InsiderLibras want us to be happy and will go to great lengths to make this happen for us Unfortunately, this is often a character trait that gets taken advantage of. For this reason, it is very important to strive to be equal partners when in a relationship with a Libra— our happiness should be theirs and vice versa.

Libras And Co-Dependency

While being a romantic may come quite naturally to a Libra, according to Thought Catalog, Libras are also very co-dependent. They are almost never alone, and that means that we won’t be either. Thinking about our prior relationships, we all probably have experienced this co-dependency to some degree at some point in our lives, and it just might have been with a Libra. It is important to recognize co-dependent traits so that we are able to foster a healthy relationship in which both of us are valued to the same degree. Otherwise, we may lose the connectedness we have with ourselves while striving to meet the demands of a relationship with a Libra.

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The Passionate Scorpio

Finding it hard to open up to someone is something that a Scorpio is known for, according to Bustle. When they do open up, however, the relationship thrives with passion. Scorpios are known for being passionate about all things, but especially about relationships. This is one of the best reasons to begin a relationship with this sign, and it is also something that will help to keep the relationship alive and well. Passion for the union will often be the foundation of all relationships for Scorpios. If we are fortunate enough to experience this deep passion that is so freely given to us by Scorpios, we should not be quick to let it go.

To Trust Or Not To Trust—Scorpio’s Question

While having passion in a relationship is extremely important it does not by any means make up for the lack of trust often displayed by Scorpios. In a relationship with a Scorpio, we will frequently feel as though we are not trusted—and for good reason, we aren’t. Despite being known to take their time when developing relationships, this does not seem to help with issues stemming from trust for Scorpios. According to Insider, the issue of trust for Scorpios can be a deal-breaker for most relationships. There’s no telling what will come of these relationships from the start, but if there are no signs of trust developing months into the union, it may be time to call it quits.

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Adventurous Sagittarius

Seeking adventure? According to Higher Perspective, Sagittarius brings adventure and challenge to our relationship. Without adventure, Sagittarius grows bored and pensive. Adventure is something that is very important and can lead to a seriously happy relationship—one in which we should pride ourselves to be a part of. When it comes to this thrill-seeking, the same theme tends to apply to all aspects of their relationships so we will surely never be bored. Surprise and intrigue will color our relationship with a Sagittarius. Allowing them to take the reigns and show us just how fun and fancy-free they can be is all part of their charm.

Sagittarius And Their Failure To Commit

Although being adventurous is fun and can be amazing, it can also prove to be a scapegoat of sorts when it comes to commitment for this sign, according to Insider. We should try to remember this when we are attempting to develop a long, happy, nourishing relationship with others. While we may very well be looking to the future and making plans to be together long-term, commitment is a serious issue for Sagittarius and often leads to failed relationships. This should come as no surprise. When we think about successful partners, we most likely do not picture a Sagittarius as someone who is in one.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words For Capricorns

Words are just words; it’s as simple as that. According to Thought Catalog, if we are in a relationship with a Capricorn—or attempting to be—we need to know that Capricorns are not interested merely in what we have to say. They prefer to see action. This may stem from their life experiences and is clearly evident while in a relationship because of their lack of actually talking. Despite being genuine and sincere, we should be sure to know that our actions are much more important to Capricorns than anything we may have to say. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t interested; it just means that they want to see the actions behind the words.

Capricorns Question Themselves About Everything

Our actions will likely lead Capricorns to question everything about the relationship as well as themselves. According to Higher Perspective, Capricorns are the most self-reliant of all of the signs. We will be given a front row seat to the sometimes excruciating judgment and frequent lack of understanding that a Capricorn personality boasts. We need to realize that these traits—regardless of how they may come across—are not due to any issue with us. Rather, it is due to the relationship—or lack thereof—that Capricorns seem to have with themselves. With a little help and support, any relationship with a Capricorn is sure to be a teaching moment in our lives.

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Aquarius Dreams About The Future

Looking out blindly at the sky or sitting at a table while having coffee for 20 minutes before realizing that the coffee is now cold. These are common experiences for the everyday dreaming Aquarius, according to InsiderAquarius will be thinking and dreaming about the future of the relationship and will be planning for it as well. This can be a very positive thing for us as this means they are thinking long-term, and that also means that they are not planning on leaving us. Thinking about and planning for the future can’t be a bad thing, right? Probably not.

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Aquarius May Be Honest To A Fault

Although planning for the future is important and it is vital to feel as though we will not be left, as per Thought Catalog, this may come with the major downfall of being too honest. Now, how can anyone be too honest we may be asking? Well, Aquarius will tell us exactly what they are thinking about anything—regardless of how we may feel about it. As anyone could imagine, this is often a deal-breaker for relationships. While honesty is always a good thing and a seriously under-valued practice, we need to remember that like all good things—moderation is key.

The Loving Pisces

Seeking affection? According to Thought Catalog, the best sign to tackle this with would be Pisces. This is because Pisces—by nature—are romantic, loving and affectionate people. They crave attention and affection—both physically and mentally. Like some of the other signs, Pisces is very in tune with their emotions and will do anything for us. Very rarely does the term affection solely refer to physicality with Pisces, however, affection in all things involving us is a passion for them. Pisces want us to be happy and they want to know that they are a big reason we are happy, while also being the one who knows us best.


Virgo Shows What Harmony Is

Keeping the peace and ensuring that everything is working in harmony is extremely important for Virgos. Confusion, scattered thoughts, and ideas, or utter mayhem simply do not work for Virgos, according to Insider. Instead, knowing that all things are working and working together is the main goal here. Creating a level playing field to start out on is usually the way Virgos will approach most relationships. As a result, we will see that Virgos then go above and beyond all else to ensure that every part of the equation is working as one to create the well-oiled machine that has become our relationship.

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