First dates are fearsome and fascinating; fantastic and freaky. Many of us simultaneously love and dread first dates simply due to the fact that they’re new. While new experiences aren’t always scary, the nerves that come with meeting someone new for the first time definitely gets our hearts beating fast.

With the blood pumping and the anxiety flaring, it’s no surprise that we might find ourselves fumbling and flubbing our pre-prepared conversation topics. Some signs are naturally more nervous than others, making it easy for the nerves to get out of hand in a heightened situation (like happy hour with that cute guy from Human Resources). As the old saying goes: knowledge is power. The more knowledgeable we are about our sign’s nerve tendencies, the more we’ll be able to stop it in its tracks. Clammy, anxious hands be gone!

We’ve ranked the Astrological signs from least likely to mess up on a first date to most likely. Resulting in little spills to full-out blunders, these are the signs that might be more inclined to let their nerves get away from them. Now we’ll be able to stop mess-ups in their tracks, right? Looks like it’s time to read on and find out.


Libra is a sign that’s all about balance. They might not need a partner to bring that balance to their lives, but they certainly need it when it comes to the first date! Libra women are calm, cool, and collected when it comes to dating. They might get a little nervous, but rational judgment and a strong sense of fairness make the date feel smooth, easy, and well balanced. Libras are naturally just as concerned with their partner’s well being as they are with their own well being. Let that shine through on the first date and this relationship will be golden.

Being concerned with a partner’s well-being manifests in many ways. For some, it means constantly asking questions and checking in. For other Libras, it manifests as quiet, active listening. Despite what some people think, listening is an active activity. People want to know that they’re being heard without being interrupted; the Libra’s astute emotional intelligence is able to pick up on that, and they can make their listener feel at ease with a simple nod. When all most humans want is someone to carefully listen to us, it’s no doubt the Libra man’s first date would be a huge success.


Sagittarius is a sign that goes with the flow. They love to take new chances and feel new, exciting experiences. The way that the Sagittarius dates is usually more by happenstance than by hard and fast planning. They’re the type who would rather get a last-minute invite to a rock concert than plan a dinner date two weeks in advance. Luckily, this means that the Sagittarius woman seldom feels insecure or nervous, resulting in little to no mess-ups. The best part? If she does spill a little wine or trip up when dancing, she’ll just brush it off and keep enjoying the moment.

Not only is the Sagittarius a sign that loves to try new things and go on adventures, but they’re also open with themselves and their heart. A Sagittarius will feel almost instantly comfortable with most people, especially if they’re willing to reciprocate a Sagittarius’ openness. This could be considered a type of charm, but deep down it’s really just what happens when we keep an open heart. This charm makes for a pleasant date no matter who’s involved, which is why the Sagittarius man seldom has a first date flop. It helps that the Sagittarius is often considered funny and handsome as well!

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The Capricorn woman is a planner. They’re a goal-oriented powerhouse who’s excited about making methodical, practical decisions. Capricorns love a good organizational structure, which often tends to fall apart in the messy world of Millennial relationships. Luckily for the Capricorn woman, their planning skills mean that this mess doesn’t reach the inner sanctum of a Capricorn date. Capricorns plan everything, which means the likelihood of something messing up is very, very low They’re intelligent, too, and like to enjoy themselves when they’re allowed to cut loose. This means that any date planned by a Capricorn is going to be a big success.

Capricorn men might not strike us as talkers at first but once they get on a topic of conversation that fires them up, they’re basically unstoppable. They love asking questions and finding answers. They might not crave debate in the same way that an Aquarius or Virgo does, but they still love intelligent conversation. They’re a sign that thinks before they speak, though, making it easy to control any nervous slip-ups or anxious actions. This self-control makes for generally good first dates. While some of the party-focused signs might not be craving a second helping of Capricorn, the right person will love that measured mind.


The Aquarius is the first of our signs that might have a few mess-ups under their belts. As one of the more artistic signs, the Aquarius often finds that they’re just bursting with ideas. They love thinking and often process those thoughts out loud. This makes Aquarius folk eager to connect with people and easy to talk to. Or rather, make that “listen to”. We love our Aquarius friends, but their nerves can sometimes rev those motormouths they have. They don’t mean any harm when they dominate the conversation; quite the opposite! Unfortunately, it can sometimes be interpreted as dominating the conversation, which is a common mess up on first dates.

Not only do Aquarius love to share their ideas, they love to share their quirks. If someone can’t handle the creative side of an Aquarius, that Aquarius likely won’t choose to pursue a relationship with them. They need to be satisfied on all levels: intelligence, creativity, and passion. Not everyone wants to dive that deep on a first date, however, making the Aquarius man take home a few more mess-ups than he might have wanted to. We personally love the Aquarius brand quirkiness, as it’s an asset in coming up with original and unique dates. It can result in a few mess-ups though, as any quirky Aquarius knows.


Scorpios are some of the big leaders in Astrology. Aries folk might be more outspoken about their leadership skills, and the Leos might be pedestalled into becoming leaders, but it’s Scorpios who often have enough passion and enough drive to become quality leaders. Unfortunately, this strength in a Scorpio can go unappreciated in other signs. Some people can’t deal with the motivated, direct nature of the Scorpio; that’s not a Scorpio flaw, though, as some people really need that direction. Our advice? Don’t worry about the dates that have messed up. Just focus on those fantastic ones that are ahead.

All the great performers know that in order to succeed, we first have to read the room. We need to understand what sort of people we’re working with before we can make them laugh. This is a sentiment that the Scorpio man can take to heart. For such an intelligent sign, there can be some subtle slip-ups that make a big difference in the quality of a first date. Scorpios love to connect and stay loyal, which means a first date is definitely the first step to a relationship. Too much communication immediately after the date, however, isn’t always a draw for more private signs. That’s a mess up that’s (thankfully) easily fixed! Just take it a little bit slow until that room’s been read.


Pisces women love to love. They often think of themselves as free and happy when it comes to love, choosing to give people the benefit of the doubt if they’re hurt in a romantic way. They’re an incredibly loyal sign, even if they aren’t outspoken about their passion at first. In the age of dating apps, this can make the investment skyrocket even before meeting someone! While this is great for those relationships that just gel, some first dates are made a little messy or unbalanced by this. Plus, greater investment can often lead to more nerves, making Pisces more prone to messing up on a first date.

It doesn’t have to be chocolate and flowers from day one in order to be a perfect relationship. Pisces men have the best intentions when they give their potential partners all the classic romance moves at once. Unfortunately, it’s not always going to land well, especially if we’re doing a casual coffee meet up as a first date. Pisces are passionate, even if they’re not the most outgoing. While taking a chance is great, save it for later on in the relationship. Not only will the Pisces’ potential partner be much more receptive later on, but the first date will all of a sudden feel like less pressure. This leads to far fewer nerves, as well as fewer mess-ups.



For the gorgeous and subtle Taurus woman, first dates are tricky. Taurus folk like to live with a little bit of luxury; they’re the ones who’ll spend their leftover student loan money a great meal. They know what they like, which is why first dates often fall flat; they just don’t match up to the Taurus woman’s expectations. This is actually a bit of a detriment in the dating game. With a flat first date, why go for a second one? This is definitely one of our bigger mess-ups, but it’s easy to fix. Remove the expectations going into a date and the Taurus woman will find the first date will feel like less of a flop.

Yes, Taurus folks have expectations. They also have a huge amount of respect, as well as a stunning sense of determination. Once they set their mind to something, they won’t give up. As one of the most relaxed signs, slow-and-steady is definitely the mentality they’re most comfortable taking. It doesn’t also aid in starting a relationship, however. Taurus men mess up on the first date by not being active enough; for the right sign, this isn’t a mess up at all. For most of us, however, we want someone who’s eager to hold our hands and dance. The best partner will prompt the Taurus by consenting, and the Taurus can speed it up by just asking!


Ah, Aries. Some people call them stubborn. Some call them impulsive. We say that those people are right, but they shouldn’t be using those as insults; they’re huge, huge compliments. The impulsiveness is just a curiosity and passion that inspires the Aries woman’s attention. The stubbornness is simple loyalty. This strong ideology and quick-witted fire can make for some great wit and teasing. First dates can benefit from gentle teasing, but it’s certainly not for everyone. Aries women are better off finding someone who can keep up with their wit rather than trying to work through it. It’s not a mess up if their partner is playing along, after all!

Remember when we talked about how teasing is great on a first date so long as the date is into it? It’s the same thing with direct discussion, another of Aries’ strengths. They love to say it like it is, and are totally loyal to their ideas. Not ever date is ready for that, especially for the signs that don’t like to engage in heated debate. With a sign as passionate as an Aries, it again feels like they might be better off finding the right partner rather than ruminating over all their “messed up” dates. It’s not that you’re messing up, Aries: it’s more that your partners don’t want to play.


Leo ladies, first dates are usually our time to shine. Not only does a Leo love attention, but Leos are also passionate about getting to know people. Their curious lion minds love to look into things they’ve never experienced before, which is why Leos often try out a lot of first dates before settling down. This curiosity means small talk is not wanted. Why waste time talking about the weather when we could be talking about our innermost secrets? This isn’t something the Leo should try to change, but they should be aware that it can be seen as a mess up and might push more private people away.

Not only does Leo like to get to the heart and core of who someone is, they also want to experience a physical connection too. Both sides need satisfying on the Leo: passion and intellect hold equal weight in a Leo’s dating game. They love love, but in a more direct way than a Pisces. Diving in can feel like too much too soon for some signs, especially those that need to build up trust over time. Is it a mess up? Maybe, maybe not; that part is all dependent on the partner. We trust the Leo to ask for what he wants and respect his partner’s wishes.


Poor Cancer! The whole world wants us to open up, while Cancers just want to connect one-on-one with certain special people. For a sign that likes to be sure of someone before opening up their heart to them, first dates are tricky. It’s easy for the Cancer to mess up because they find it difficult to turn on that instant-connection charm. Cancers overthink as well, making it difficult to bounce back from an anxious first date. Trust us, Cancer: go on a second date. It might have felt like a major mess up, but we guarantee that more time is going to give truer answers.

Cancers are amazing once they come out of their shell. They’re loyal, comfortable, and are easy to not only laugh with but also to have meaningful discussions with. They like the security that comes with having a plan, however, which makes improvisation and spontaneity issues. On first dates, those two qualities are incredibly important. Meeting someone we don’t know very well requires quite a lot of flow. It’s a give-and-take process when we’re trying to figure out who someone is. The first date can often flop because of this. Rest assured though: going with the flow will get more comfortable as dates go on, giving a true sense of what this partner could be like.



Geminis come in second on our ranking list, and for good reason. While they’re charismatic enough to be able to do well on a first date, getting a Gemini to decide on a date is a difficult feat. Geminis want to know they’re making the right choice. Oftentimes they’re trying to balance their emotional wants with their intellectual ones, making it difficult to choose whether or not to accept a first date proposition. We have to consider the fact that not going is really the biggest mess up out there. “We miss 100% of the shots we never take,” as the saying goes. Just take the chance, Gemini.

While Geminis do struggle with decisions, once they make a choice they’re often firmly stuck to it. This is even true for dates as they don’t like to disappoint friends or other, more serious relationships. Having these plans provide a great structure for the creative (and slightly distractible) Gemini. Unfortunately, the Gemini’s mind doesn’t always remember silly day-to-day life things. They’re too busy thinking of big ideas! Forgetting a date is a major mess up. If the Gemini can conquer that battle, they’ll be golden. Even when it comes to other potential first date mess-ups, like ripped clothes, stains, and even nervous rambling.



Virgo women are incredibly smart, very attractive, and have keen observation skills. However, they also tend to overthink, over perform, and work much harder than they have to. While this all brings them huge success in their work or school lives, it doesn’t really land in a first date scenario. Trying too hard makes it feel like an interview rather than a date, which can mess up any potential chemistry. All is not lost, though! If the Virgo woman can learn how to charm and talk her way out of nervous situations, she can conquer and backtrack on any first date mess-ups.

In the same way that Virgo women need to learn how to utilize their charm and passion, Virgo men need to learn how to turn on their confidence. Virgos are naturally very charismatic, but like many geniuses, they can be plagued with insecurities. By learning how to assert their confident side when their nerves start to get them down, the Virgo man will feel much more satisfied with his first date outcomes. Mistakes will melt away, and he might even be able to rise up to the least likely spot (rather than the most likely). Confidence is key, even if first dates are frightening.




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