1. Aries (Face and Head)

The best beauty asset of Aries is their face. They are blessed with sharp features like jawline, nose, eyebrows, chin, and mouth, Aries people have a symmetrical face that can be highlighted further with proper contouring. Aries governs the head and face which is why they often have scars, moles birthmarks, etc… Strong bone structure, average height, and an upright posture are associated with an Aries.


2. Taurus (Neck)

For Taurus their best beauty asset is their neck. They have thick, long, elegant neck that gives them all the upper body strength they require. They possess the characteristics of a bull and are often large bodied; not necessarily plump, but muscular and attractive because most are physically active.


3. Gemini (Youth and Complexion)

The Best beauty asset of Gemini is their youthfulness and complexion. Their movements are graceful. They usually have small features, almost doll-like. Most of them have big foreheads and features that are quite close together. To add to their energetic vibes is their glowing complexion and youthful personality that keeps them from aging, literally.


4. Cancer (Stomach)

Despite being a foodie, they have a stomach to die for. They love their body just as much and take care of it like no other sign. So even if it means eating a ton of chocolate, they’re ready to work extra hard at the gym. They’re most likely to follow a strict diet and erase any possible cravings to give them a flat stomach.


5. Leo (Hair)

Hair is the best beauty asset for Leos. Their eyes are almost cat-like – sexy with a powerful gaze. They love attention and what better way to get it than to whip their long, luscious locks? They can create fancy hairdos and colour to flaunt their crowning glory and invest in the right cut.



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6. Virgo (Skin)

Virgos have the fairytale-like innocence about them with their amazing skin.  They have got curvy lips, delicate nose, and sparkling eyes that makes them irresistibly attractive. They always put efforts to maintain a youthful appearance and glowing skin.


7. Libra (Lips and Booty)

Librans are the best combination of beauty and sensuality. They are blessed with curvaceous and gorgeous features and the maximum attention they seek is from their booty. Another beautiful feature of Librans is their lips, their lips are either in a heart-shaped or a cupid bow.


8. Scorpio (Eyes and Lips)

The Scorpions are all about their eyes and lips. Their features are angular and prominent, especially their nose. And they are also blessed with nicely arched eyebrows.  What draws instant attention to their face is that set of seductive lips and mysterious eyes. They are Flirtatious and sexy and have a magnetic vibe that cannot escape anyone who has got an eye for charm.


9. Sagittarius (Back)

Having a strong personality, Sagittarius loves adventures and likes to explore new thing. They have strong and graceful back with a naturally athletic build which renders them being attractive and adventurous.


10. Capricorn (Skin and Legs)

Few of the most noticeable traits of Capricorn are beautiful jawline with high cheekbones. Secondly, their gorgeous, long legs help them to stand firmly on the ground and show them their powerful personality. Their legs are smooth and luxurious, ideal for the holiday picture.


11. Aquarius (Feet)

Aquarians usually have broad foreheads and sharp, prominent features. But their best asset is their feet! Beautiful and well-groomed, they have feet to die for. With such amazing feet, it comes as no surprise that they can glide through the breeze smoothly and are known to be nimble and graceful in their movements.




12. Pisces (Smile and Eyes)

Pisces have got an alluring personality with a beautiful smile. Secondly, they have the most charming and soulful gaze, and people could literally get lost in their eyes. Their stare is so hypnotizing that they can make anyone feel special with their soulful and fascinating eyes.





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