Let’s face it; we all sometimes tell lies.

falsehoods are a natural element of human interaction, whether they are little white falsehoods intended to maintain harmony or large lies that might sever a friendship or a relationship.

After all, everyone wants to present themselves in the best possible manner, and lying sometimes provides that opportunity.

This isn’t to suggest that lying is right or moral, only that we all lie sometimes.

It happens more often for certain Zodiac signs than for others.

Others virtually often lie and must make a deliberate effort to avoid do so, but certain Zodiac signs are so blatant that they almost never lie.

Some people lie to give themselves the greatest possible impression, while others lie to get out of trouble, and still others lie because they just can’t decide what to believe.

Whatever their motivation, the following six zodiac signs are serial liars:


Due to their reputation for honesty and openness, Geminis are often overlooked as liars—which, to be fair, they aren’t.

They are so incredibly untrustworthy that putting your faith in them to carry through on their promises can only lead to disappointment.

Frequently, they don’t intend to mislead or trick you. Even if they meant what they stated at the time, their lack of commitment and propensity to change their mind will make them seem that way.

Yes, it’s far preferable to believe people when they say what they mean, but with Geminis, you do so at your own peril.

If you want to reduce the chance of misunderstandings, be sure to confirm everything with them many times after they make a commitment. This will limit their lack of consistency to a minimal.


Most people are prone to just believing everything a Cancer says because of their kind and generous nature, which is a tremendous error.

Cancers have a tendency to exaggerate things to the point where they barely resemble reality, which may result in some very significant mistakes, even though they seldom openly lie about things.

The majority of Cancers’ falsehoods, though, aren’t extremely destructive and are just the result of their vivid imagination.

However, there is an exception to this rule that you need to be aware of. When a Cancer is faced with a challenging circumstance, they are highly inclined to lie in an effort to escape it.

Does it operate? Actually, no. They’re only delaying what will happen.


Leos like being the center of attention, and they won’t hesitate to tell a lie to acquire it.

They argue that it doesn’t matter if what they’re saying isn’t really true if others are so taken in by their genius to notice their falsehoods and exaggerations.

While Leos like to have some truth to their falsehoods, this isn’t always necessary; if a Leo really feels they can trick others, they’ll make up the wildest stories.

Will they be exposed for their lies? Almost sure, although Leos often have such magnetic personalities that most people are ready to overlook their falsehoods.


We often link lying to drama since that’s what occurs when you’re found out, but for Libra, lying is their key to a life devoid of drama.

Little tiny falsehoods that are intended to make life easy for Libra and those around them abound in their daily lives.

They’ll claim they’re not irritated when they’re about to scream, they’ll complement your clothes even though they detest it, and they’ll act like they know where they’re going even if they have no clue.

The list is endless.

A Libra is not intentionally attempting to manipulate you when they lie. They just want to get by, disturbing as few people as they can.


Capricorns are practical liars who use fabrications as means wherever possible.

They typically don’t lie just for the sake of lying, but they also don’t think twice about lying if it would help them get what they want.

When you give it some thought, this is not at that unexpected. Since Capricorns are notorious for being merciless in their pursuit of their goals, honesty and “the truth” won’t be obstacles for them for very long.


Despite having a reputation for being affable and kind, Pisces are devoted liars skilled at crafting narratives in which they always come out looking good.

Like Leo, they may or might not want to be the focus of attention, but they definitely want to seem sympathetic and “the good guy” in whatever tale they tell.

This implies that, even though they often won’t embellish what really occurred, they will present a scenario in which everyone else is at fault except them.

Even while some people may disagree, it’s really rather simple to spot a lying Pisces.

Every time they tell a tale, just assume they’re leaving out a lot of information regarding their own conduct




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