Selfishness is a hallmark of Aries.

Aries will pursue their desires with tenacity, no matter what. even when they have a waiting person at home.

All they can focus on is the next new reward or obstacle to be overcome. not those who have feelings and are wounded by them.

They often show little remorse for hurting either their cheating spouse or the other person. Other folks don’t matter; they got what they wanted.

Aries must experience personal betrayal before they can comprehend the suffering and heartache they cause others. Aries will ultimately be hit in the face with their own acts according to the law of karma.

Sadly, it takes something extreme for Aries to finally realize what they did to other people. And that Aries’s journey to self-awareness required the hurting of so many former lovers.


Sagittarius desires to taste each individual.

Sagittarius is likely to have cheated on a lover at least once, especially when they were younger. If not, they were most likely the ones who were taken advantage of.

The same way they are motivated to investigate the universe, Sagittarius is driven to explore other individuals. The two may give Sagittarius quite similar sensations. They want to try everything, good or bad.

Therefore, when they hastily enter a committed relationship, they risk cheating.

Before entering a relationship, a Sagittarius who hasn’t experimented and explored to their satisfaction may feel constrained. Finding a Sagittarius feeling trapped is a very bad thing.

They become capable of things no one would have predicted. like deception. And until their partner learns, they don’t feel bad. The guilt about hurting their spouse doesn’t set in till after that. not the action itself.

To settle down without cheating, Sagittarius must be content with their investigation of others. They still need a companion that is daring both inside and outside the bedroom.


When a cancer feels ignored by their lover, they will cheat.

Neglect may seem quite different to cancer than it does to most others. It might be because their partner is not present all the time. not responding to SMS right away or not being in the mood for intimacy.

Before a physical cheater, cancer is more likely to be an emotional one. If discovered, they will also hold their spouse responsible for Cancer’s actions. stating that if their spouse had done this or that, they wouldn’t have needed to cheat.

Cancer is quite adept at making the cheating spouse seem to be the bad guy. They have no interest in accepting accountability for their deeds.

It’s not implausible that Cancer later calls their ex “crazy” rather than admitting to cheating to other people. Cancer will make whatever sacrifice necessary to protect themselves, even if it means obliterating the person they professed to love.


Many people might be surprised by Pisces.

However, Pisces often enter relationships with the idea that they can change their partner into the person they desire.

It never works well to impose unwelcome change on another person. It may cause the pair to manipulate one other’s emotions often. And Pisces betray after they realize they can’t change their mate to meet their ideal.

The Pisces sign is unsure of the qualities they are looking for in a partner. They discover parts of their ideal selves in other persons. They seek for such parts in an effort to fill the gaps in their connection.

It might be difficult to think that Pisces would betray since they are endearing and lovely. They struggle a lot to accept their spouses for who they are. Pisces struggles to realize that people aren’t created to be flawless.

Pisces would be first in line if there was a build-a-bear for love interests.

However, since there isn’t, they frequently turn to a number of different people to fill the gaps in their partner that they perceive to be missing.

When they wish to, Pisces loves people deeply. However, long-term relationships can be difficult when one starts to recognize all the facets of their partner. also dislike them.



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