Let’s be honest, it is not easy to find an ideal partner. You need more than one date to figure it out what kind of person he is. Although there are some girls who sleep with guys on the first date, that is not something I would suggest you. Just think. You meet a guy and you two click. Instead of getting to know each other you sleep with him. What kind of opinion will he have about you? Not good one, I suppose.

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Even guys feel great when a girl has sex with them immediately that is not good for their future relationship. He can be very jealous of you going out with your friends because he will be scared that you will sleep with other guys as well. So don’t let this happen. I don’t care how young and crazy you are, just don’t ok? You will regret it later and people will say that you are easy to get. No man would like to have a wife like that. They all want to have fun with some girls and then marry the one who is good and innocent. That’s the way it works.

If you already had a one night stand don’t hope that a guy will call you the next day. Probably you two haven’t exchanged your phone numbers because you were occupied doing other things. So you can’t blame him. Instead of that you should blame yourself. And you know why? Because you made a BIG mistake.

You have slept with someone you don’t have a clue about. Maybe he even has some venereal disease and you will find about that in the worst way. You will also get it. Just pray God he is not HIV positive because that could ruin your life.

Generally, guys would never accept dating an “easy” girl. If their friends see them with you they will be ashamed. And they want to walk proudly with their girlfriend down the street. Mistakes like this happen when we are young but that is not an excuse to do shit like this.

Because you are making harm only to yourself. Other people around you feel great because they know you are a party girl and it is not difficult to sleep with you. So don’t doubt they will take advantage of you. If you add a little bit of alcohol to that story, serious problems may happen.

So next time you meet a good boy don’t jump into his bed on your first date. Wait until you get to know him better. Maybe he is a maniac who just wants to get laid. And, my dear, that is not a hubby material. Don’t sleep with a man because you want a revenge. Don’t sleep with a man because you feel lonely. Don’t sleep with a man unless you love him.

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The catch is you can have sex all the time but what does that mean to you? Does it fulfill you and make you feel good? I thought so.

On the other hand, making love is much better because you love the person you are sleeping with. You can be sure that he won’t hurt you and will be there when you need him.

So darling, next time you see a hot guy think twice. Do you really want him for one night or for entire life?

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