Retaliation is harmful, as we all know.


Although it is reasonable, wanting to exact revenge on others is ultimately damaging.

We’ve all been in situations where we just want to get even, despite the fact that getting revenge never leads to anything positive.

While everyone pursues vengeance in different ways, there are some commonalities in how each zodiac sign conducts it. Some people let the urge go, while others pursue it.

The zodiac signs seek revenge in the following ways:


Aries typically doesn’t have the patience to wait things out, so they’ll strike back as soon as they can.

Aries frequently use competition as a weapon, so they’ll do all in their power to outdo the person who enraged them.

This could be as simple as snatching the game’s record score or as heinous as seducing another person’s spouse.

Since Aries rarely genuinely wants those items to begin with, it doesn’t really matter what. They want to humiliate you and make you feel horrible about yourself, not to win.


Taurus signs are renowned for their patience and stubbornness, thus they are content to wait for months or even years to get revenge.

The adage “revenge is a dish best served cold” was invented just for Tauruses since they are not only patient but also love waiting for their just desserts.

Despite their reputation for being laid-back and amiable, Taurus is the sign most often associated with the villain, who is said to plot their vengeance while laughing in the shadows.


There is an exception to the stereotype that Geminis are flighty and indecisive. Nevertheless, this stereotype often holds true.

Nothing in this world or the next will persuade a Gemini to change their decision once they have made up their mind to get back to you.

Geminis are typically very sociable animals who worry a lot about what other people think, therefore their favoured means of retaliation is making someone else a social outcast.

They will work tirelessly to spread false information and launch smear campaigns in an effort to harm the reputation of people who have mistreated them.

Geminis are the type of person who sincerely commits to destroying other people’s lives after they have been wronged.


Cancers aren’t typically the type of individuals to want retribution because they are loving, compassionate, sensitive, and conflict-averse.

Oh, they’ll plan it out to the last detail and enjoy every moment of it, but will they truly carry out their plans?

Zero chance.

When someone they care about wrongs them, they will want to make things right because it is unthinkable to harm them back.

It’s far simpler to simply cut ties with the offending party and move on if it’s someone they don’t truly care about.


Few signs take being wronged more seriously than the egotistical and self-centered Leo.

Any slight, no matter how tiny, will be taken personally by a Leo, and if you offend them enough, they’ll unleash their predatory instincts and try to kill you.

They will immediately exclude you from your social circle and will make every effort to get others to do the same since they are social beings and will utilise social gatherings as their first line of defence.

Leos, in contrast to Geminis, won’t be covert about it. They’ll approach people and persuade them to avoid you or shun you; they might even be so brazen as to do so in your face.


Even though they like to act like they don’t enjoy taking retribution, Virgos actually enjoy doing others harm in the same way that they have been harmed.

Since they frequently fear retaliation, they aren’t overt or clear about it, but they are undoubtedly sneaky.

When seeking retribution, a Virgo will make every effort to remain anonymous yet making a big impression.

They could try to have you fired, give you a virus that would ruin your computer, inform the police about you, etc.

They hunt for specific ways to exact retribution that give them lots of room for convincing denial and allow them to choose not to even be present when they wreck your life.


Libras are known for wanting stability and peace, so they don’t easily seek revenge, but when they do, they endeavour to act in a morally upright manner.

You would be right if you assumed that “seeking retribution” and “taking the hard road” were incompatible concepts, which is why Libras are merely deluding themselves.

Using social media, Libras like to act as though they aren’t seeking retribution when in reality they are.

They can call you out, make ambiguous tweets, stalk you, and basically attack you without feeling like they’re doing it because of the perceived degree of separation.

A genuinely furious Libra would even start cyberbullying the target, and a fully dedicated one wouldn’t hesitate to make up phoney accounts and profiles to keep the “party” going.


Scorpios have a reputation for being vindictive, and for good reason.

They are persistent, committed, inventive, and relentless, so once they make up their minds to exact revenge on you, they’ll go to great lengths and essentially spend their entire lives to making yours miserable.

Getting even doesn’t really please Scorpio, at least not for very long, unlike other signs on this list.



They are the type of people that will exact revenge, let the situation to calm off, and then resume the conflict immediately for nostalgic reasons.

The vengeance of a Scorpio is relentless and unforgiving.


Honestly, Sagittarians really don’t care, thus they aren’t the kind to seek revenge.

Most of the time, Sagittarians will simply leave you out of their lives and move on since they would rather to devote their time and energy to pursue their hobbies and jobs rather than getting back at someone else.

If they are genuinely angry enough to act, it will typically be a swift and direct action.

You name it—a prank, a call to HR. Once they’ve vented, they’ll move on with their lives.


While Capricorns aren’t particularly fond of getting even, they don’t hold back either.

They might not plan for years on end to make amends with others, but they won’t hold back when it comes to retaliating against people who have mistreated them.

Even though Capricorns often seek instant retribution, they like it when that retribution results in public humiliation, so they don’t mind waiting for the appropriate chance to exact their vengeance.

You can know that there will be cameras rolling when a Capricorn exacts their vengeance.


Nobody is more successful at exacting retribution than Aquarius.

This doesn’t imply that they are malicious masterminds out to ruin your life; rather, it suggests that Aquarians are kind masterminds who will use you as a scapegoat to exact their vengeance on others.

When it comes time for vengeance, Aquarians can be exceedingly cunning because they believe that if they are going to put the time and effort into pursuing revenge, they might as well strive to benefit others while doing it.

tricking someone into making a charitable donation, contributing expensive items to those in need, or donating other people’s time for a good cause.

The possibilities are unlimited with enough imagination.


When it comes to getting even, Pisces are quite creative—that is, they invent.

That’s true, Pisces would rather use their creative muscles and channel their rage into fun and constructive ways.

You name it: writing offensive tunes, creating vulgar caricatures, disguising glitter bombs, etc.

Although Pisces won’t go on a blazing spree of retaliation, they will undoubtedly make a mark.


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