Though they’re similar, there are a few key differences between love and lust. Lust involves a strong desire to have somebody and an intense attraction on a physical or mental level. Love, on the other hand, goes a little deeper than that. It’s hard to define love exactly, but it has been described as a force of nature. It’s about the strongest emotion you can have and involves infatuation, chemistry, compatibility, and commitment.

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Each Astrological sign has a different way of acting when she’s in love, versus when she’s just in lust. Check them out below, to help you work out whether you’ve seriously fallen for somebody or if the feelings are fleeting.

24Aries In Love: She Will Commit To Him

There is no denying that Aries is one of the most loyal signs in Astrology, and those she falls in love with are always sure of her fidelity. As the leader of all the signs, she is confident and self-assured, which means she has high standards and carefully chooses the people she chooses to commit to.

If she does promise herself to somebody, you can be sure that she fully intends to honor that promise because being loyal is part of who she is.

And since she doesn’t make those promises to just anyone, there’s a good chance that she’s really fallen in love. how to love an Aries and Secrets Things You Need To Know About An Aries


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23Aries In Lust: She Won’t Stop Arguing With Him

Being a strong personality, Aries is a natural debater and is happy to argue with anyone about anything. When she’s in love, she tends to calm down a little on that front and will focus on her positive feelings for that person rather than on what they’re doing to annoy her. But when the relationship is based on fleeting feelings of lust rather than love, she won’t be able to just ignore the other person when they aggravate her. Instead, the arguments will be frequent and intense because she doesn’t feel strongly enough to overlook the things that bother her.

22Leo In Love: She Will Let Her Guard Down

It takes a lot for Leo to let her guard down, and she certainly doesn’t do it with just anybody. Though this sign is confident and strong, she stays that way by always protecting herself—she’s always on the defense and never allows herself to be vulnerable.

So you know that when she does actually let her guard down and let somebody see the softer, more fragile side of her, things are pretty serious.

Nobody can put up a strong front forever, not even Leo. But she’s very careful about only easing up on that facade when she’s seriously in love.

21Leo In Lust: She Will Use Him To Feel Good About Herself

When people aren’t in love, their motivations in the relationship tend to be self-centered. In a relationship with somebody she’s just lusting after, Leo will forget about the other person’s needs and focus on using them to feel good about herself. The way this manifests will vary depending on her individual personality, but it can include thriving off all the compliments she gets, feeding off good morning texts, or even posting couple photos on social media and waiting for her friends to feel jealous. It’s obvious that Leo isn’t actually in love when she totally neglects the needs of her partner. Leo Man easy to get, but easy to Lose. “HOLD TIGHT” Know the SECRETS


20Sagittarius In Love: The Relationship Will Be More Than Just Physical

Sagittarius is a sign who has strong physical needs, and that will be the case whether she’s in love or in lust. The difference is that when she is actually in love, the relationship will involve more than just that physical side.

She will put time and effort into getting to know them as a person and bonding on more levels than just physical.

Sure, the physical closeness will be important, as it always is for this sign, but she will also want to spend time with the other person doing more PG-rated things. Overall, the relationship will have more than just one focus.

19Sagittarius In Lust: She Will Remain Emotionally Distant

In the past, Sagittarius has been described as an emotionally distant sign. Even when she’s been dating someone for a while, she still doesn’t open up and try to spark an emotional connection with them. If this is the case, the chances are she’s not really in love and is just having fun. These kinds of casual relationships will involve lots of physical closeness and spending time together, but there will be no emotional substance. Some signs are quick to become emotionally invested in anyone they date, but Sagittarius is pickier about who she invests in. If she’s not in love, she won’t go there. You can also read our another Secrets things that make Sagittarius the most romantic partner ever


18Taurus In Love: She Will Spoil Him

Taurus is a safe and predictable sign who isn’t big on public displays of affection or grand romantic gestures, even when she is in love. However, she does love to spoil her partner. Though she doesn’t like being the center of attention, she does enjoy the finer things in life, and naturally wants to bestow the same blessings on her partner.

When she is dating someone, Taurus expects to be spoiled, so she gives the same treatment back to those she genuinely cares about.

A lot of the time, this will be spoiling her partner with material goods, but it can also include more abstract things, too.

17Taurus In Lust: She’ll Leave Him Hanging

The thing to understand about Taurus is that she’s a social butterfly and usually has a very busy life. A lot of things are important to her, including her job, her family, her friends, her health, and her hobbies, so unless someone is really important to her, they don’t usually get time in her schedule. If Taurus is attracted to someone but doesn’t actually love them, she probably won’t dedicate much time to them. She will say she’s going to call or set up that date, and fully intend to, but because she’s so busy, she just never gets around to it. Taurus Man Secrets: Put That Hot Taurus Man Under Your Spell


16Virgo In Love: She Will Put Effort Into Herself

Virgo is always on the lookout for ways to improve herself. The perfectionist of the signs, she’s pretty much never satisfied and always believes she could be doing better. When she falls in love with someone, that attitude tends to completely blow up.

Although she is dedicated to taking care of herself in any case, this is especially true when she’s fallen in love with someone.

All she wants to do is impress them and gain their approval, so she will go the extra effort that she doesn’t normally go to. This could be the clothes she wears or the amount of Pilates classes she takes a week.

15Virgo In Lust: She Will Be Overly Critical Of Him

Whoever she’s with, Virgo tends to be a little critical from time to time. She never tries to hurt anybody’s feelings—she just has high standards and is critical of herself so can’t help being critical of others. But when she falls in love, she tries really hard to pull back on all her picking and give the other person space to be themselves. When she’s in lust? No such luck. Because she can see that the person she’s dating isn’t satisfying her, her relentless attitude pushes her to try and mold them into someone she can love, so she ends up being super-duper critical. Here are the secrets things that you should know about loving a Virgo

14Capricorn In Love: She Will Make Time For Him

Capricorn in love is a totally different person from Capricorn in lust, which means she’s one of the easiest signs to decode when it comes to romance.

When she’s in love, the person she’s in a relationship with actually becomes a priority, and this is hugely different from the way she normally operates.

Usually, Capricorn ambitiously works toward her goals and doesn’t make time for her casual relationships. Her friends and family are lucky to get her away from work for ten minutes! But the powers of love change all that and have her shifting her priorities around to make time for her relationship. If you’re planning on dating a Capricorn then you should know the Brutally Honest Secrets things about Capricorn.


13Capricorn In Lust: She Will Keep Him A Secret

Some say that Capricorn is a secretive sign, and she certainly doesn’t like the world to know her business. This makes her far less inclined to post things on social media. So unless she’s truly in love with someone, she won’t want people to know about her love life or her relationships. When she’s dating someone and it’s just casual, she will keep it a secret because she can foresee that things will end sooner or later, and doesn’t want to go through the process of introducing them to her family and friends only to explain that they broke up later on.

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12Gemini In Love: She Will Introduce Him To Her Friends

Gemini is one of the signs who loves casual dating and tends to hop from relationship to relationship. She just loves the company that comes with dating, not to mention the fun of it.

But when things do get serious for Gemini, she goes that extra step and introduces her partner to her friends.

With casual dates, she doesn’t go to the trouble because she knows she’s going to replace them (probably sooner rather than later). On the other hand, when she’s in love, she gets so overexcited by their presence that she can’t keep it in and just has to share.

11Gemini In Lust: She Will Only Call When She Wants Something

We’re not saying Gemini is a user, but she’s certainly very opportunistic. She’s good at making the most of situations and making do with what’s presented to her, which isn’t a bad thing! When she finds herself in a relationship with someone she’s not genuinely in love with, it’s quite easy to tell because she tends to only call them when she needs them. It could be a date for an event nobody else will join her at, or an item that she wants to borrow, or even advice in their area of expertise. And when she doesn’t need them, the only thing they’ll hear is the chirping of crickets. Gemini Man Flirts. But NOT if You Know The Secrets of HIM


10Libra In Love: She Will Want Commitment

Libra is one of the signs who spends her life searching for true love. She loves the feeling of being in love and although she casually dates as well, she always has the secret hope of falling for her soulmate.

When Libra does meet that person who sweeps her off her feet and makes a difference, she will want a commitment from them.

After all, this is something that she’s wanted her whole life and dreams about on a daily basis, so she wants to hold on to it by securing that promise of commitment.

9Libra In Lust: She Will Want Presents

Casual dating isn’t really Libra’s favorite thing to do, so she always enters a relationship hoping it will turn into the real deal. But in the event that she doesn’t strike love, she can still stick around for a while if she’s attracted enough to the other person. When Libra is just in lust, she tends to focus on all the sweet benefits of a relationship, even though there’s no substance behind them. She will be all about the presents she receives, as well as the public displays of affection and endless buckets of compliments. But sooner or later, she’ll move on to the next one. How to get a Libra Man fall for you

8Aquarius In Love: She Won’t Get Sick Of Him

Out of all the signs in Astrology, Aquarius probably enjoys being in a relationship the least. She loves her independence and her personal space and hates the idea of following the norm and settling down.

But even she’s not immune to the love bug, and when it bites, she totally changes her tune.

Unlike her approach to all her other casual relationships, Aquarius will actually crave the presence of someone when she loves them. She won’t get sick of them eventually like she does everyone else, and will make an effort to keep them around for the future.

7Aquarius In Lust: She Will Need Lots Of Time Away From Him

In her regular casual relationships, Aquarius needs a lot of alone time. That’s not to say that she’s happy to be smothered when she’s in love, but she needs significantly less alone time if that’s the case. When she’s just in lust she’ll want to be with her partner sometimes, but a lot of the time, she’ll want to keep communication to texting or social media. Not long after she starts spending a lot of time with someone she’s not in love with, this sign starts to feel restricted and suffocated and will crave independent time to find herself again. How to get a Aquarius Man fall for you


6Cancer In Love: She Will Nurture Him

Cancer is another sign who basically lives for love. Finding that perfect relationship is hugely important to this water sign, who has dreams of a happy family home. With those that she’s not comfortable with Cancer can come across as cold or standoffish, but once she comes out of her shell, she’s exceptionally caring and considerate.

When she’s in love with somebody, she will nurture them and care for them, almost like a mother.

All their needs will come ahead of hers and she will make endless sacrifices for their happiness. Plus, they will always be on her mind and will never ever feel neglected.

5Cancer In Lust: She Will Feel Unsettled Around Him

Though she lives to be in love, Cancer won’t try to force it if it’s not there. And because she’s so sensitive and intuitive, she is usually able to tell pretty clearly whether it’s there or not. Even if she doesn’t know it on a conscious level, on a subconscious level she will be aware that she’s with someone who’s not right for her, no matter how attracted she feels to them. And when that happens, she tends to feel very unsettled and out of her comfort zone. Though she may have fun spending time with them, ultimately she will feel anxious to meet someone who is right for her. Here are some qualities of Cancer men and how you should treat them the right way. 

4Scorpio In Love: She Will Fight For Him

If there’s one thing you can’t deny about Scorpio, it’s that she’s a fighter. She even fights for causes that she’s not personally connected to just because they’re for the greater good.

So of course, when someone she loves is on the line, she puts on her battle armor and gets to it.

Whatever her partner needs, she will try her best to provide, and will go seriously out of her way to make their life easier and back them up. That includes standing up for them when others tear them down and supporting them when nobody believes in them. If you’re planning on dating a Scorpio then you should know the 15 Brutally Honest things about Scorpios.


3Scorpio In Lust: She Won’t Feel Jealous

By nature, Scorpio is quite a jealous sign. If she acts jealous in a relationship, you know that to some degree, she cares about the other person. But when she doesn’t get jealous at all, it’s clear that she doesn’t have any deep feelings. Even if the other person doesn’t give her any reason to be jealous, she can usually find things to feel a little insecure about. That’s just because she’s emotionally invested in the relationship. When she couldn’t care less about what the other person may or may not be doing when she’s not there, there’s a good chance she doesn’t love them.

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2Pisces In Love: She Will Be Inspired By Him

A creative sign, Pisces takes inspiration from daily life when it comes to brainstorming ideas and making art. When something is important to her, it serves as even more inspiration.

So when she has truly fallen in love with someone, they will inspire her like nobody else.

She will crave spending time with them for many reasons, but one of those will be for all the motivation and stimulation she gets from them. Ultimately, they will help her to creatively flourish and be the best version of herself. If she feels nothing other than physical attraction, there’s a good chance there’s no love there.

1Pisces In Lust: She Will Want To Keep The Relationship Physical Only

Being a very passionate sign, Pisces places a lot of value on the physical aspect to a relationship. By no means is it the only thing that matters to her since she has a lot of emotional needs too, but the physical side of things is definitely important to her. When that’s absolutely all she cares about, you know that it’s just a lust thing and there’s probably not any love there. A Pisces in love wants to bond with her partner emotionally and hear about their day and give them advice. A Pisces in lust just wants to take it to the bedroom. Things to Remember While Loving a Pisces and if you are in a relationship with a Pisces Here the secrets ways to make a strong relationship with a Pisces!