Jealousy is normal when it comes to love relationships, but there is such a thing as going too far.

Since we are most vulnerable when we first start dating someone, we sometimes experience feelings of jealousy and insecurity.

There is nothing improper about it.

When jealously comes to dominate a relationship and drives us to want to control our partners and their behavior, that’s when envy does start to become hazardous.

The following zodiac signs are the poorest at controlling jealousy, but some are better than others at it.


Being one of the zodiac’s most devoted signs, Taurus devotes a lot of time and energy to their relationships.

They don’t join relationships lightly, so when they do, they do it with the idea of long-term commitment in mind. As a result, when confronted with circumstances that cause them to feel envious, they often respond harshly, to put it mildly.

Taureans have a tendency to be a bit possessive, even if they are not extremely dominating. As a result, when they believe their relationship is in danger, they will go on the attack and intensify their possessiveness so that everyone around them knows you are with them.

Whether or whether there is a valid cause to be envious is unimportant. When they experience envy, their obstinacy comes into play, and they often reject your assurances that they shouldn’t be concerned.

But if their suspicions are true, you may say goodbye to your romance.

Tauruses devote a great deal of time and energy to their relationships, but if they feel you’re not equally practical, they’ll break things up and try again with someone else.


Cancers have sensitive spirits and a propensity to exaggerate, especially in interpersonal situations.

For them to trust you with their feelings is a fairly big deal since beyond their tough façade is a tender and vulnerable heart that they’re hesitant to expose to just about anybody.

Additionally, it implies that they will have extreme vulnerability in new relationships, which may manifest as envy.

Due to their anxieties, they often find it difficult to believe you are really interested in them. As a result, they will compare themselves to the individuals you hang out with and will search for hidden meaning in your actions and words.

This issue may often be resolved with good communication and patience, since the longer a relationship lasts, the more secure Cancer will feel in it and the less envious they’ll behave.

It’s crucial to make Cancer feel confident in your bond.


Knowing that Leos like being the focus of attention, giving attention to anybody else by their spouse is the ultimate act of betrayal.

Is Leo’s inclusion on this list really a surprise?

Leos may come off as attractive and personable, but they are really quite picky when it comes to their partners since they believe they need to find someone who is on an equal footing.

Once they start dating that individual, they will closely monitor every action to ensure that their partners are indeed as nice as they seem.

Leos are very envious of their partners and the attention they get, which is what makes their jealousy so extreme.

Leo will get envious if their spouse is getting a lot of attention from beautiful individuals, but this will also occur if their partner receives a significant promotion, an unexpected praise, etc.

Leos often make their relationships into a contest, whether or not they mean to, and if they’re losing, envy will rule the day.


Scorpios are naturally very distrusting and paranoid people, thus it will be quite difficult to win back their confidence if they have already formed that opinion.

They won’t draw conclusions based just on a hunch, but as soon as they uncover anything that may serve as proof of their suspect, the game is over.

Scorpios don’t let their envy fester, which is the one thing they really have going for them.

When someone is envious, they’ll let you know about it and come right out and tell you what they think and feel.

Although it may sometimes be rather daunting, this also provides you the chance to make things right, so good luck.


Capricorns have a difficult time opening up to others and even more so when it comes to inviting new individuals into their life.

You may be confident that if a Capricorn wants to establish a relationship with you, they genuinely want since they value their independence so much.

Of course, this also implies that since your connection is so essential to them, they will be always on the lookout for anything that can jeopardize it and will often see everything you do negatively.

Capricorns struggle with handling envy and often draw the incorrect conclusions based only on their emotions and views.

With Capricorns, rationality usually wins out, so after they’ve calmed down, you can always approach them and explain your sentiments of jealousy, and there’s a decent chance they’ll understand.



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