Although there may be some validity to the claim that stress is the sickness of the twenty-first century, individuals have dealt with difficult conditions for as long as there have been people.

We’ve all reached a point when there is too much going on at once and life may be somewhat stressful.

Some individuals can handle this circumstance and maintain themselves afloat while coming up with fast, effective solutions.

Others will make mistakes along the road, but they will eventually figure out how to fix the issue.

But what about these Zodiac signs? They’ll either blow up, collapse, or do both.

These Zodiac signs are the ones who just cannot manage stress.


Although it’s simple to think of the self-assured and flexible Aries as one of the signs most suited to managing stress, the fact is that they are utter failures.

Aries may seem unflappable since it takes a lot to actually worry them out, but if things spiral out of their control, they genuinely lack the capacity to handle them.

When Aries is under pressure, they will withdraw and, in the worst situations, go nuclear and self-sabotage, which will only make their situation worse.

Aries is many things, but stress management skills are not among them.


Wait till you see Geminis under stress if you thought they were indecisive.

Although Geminis may be somewhat indecisive even at their best, they typically manage it well since they have extremely high expectations for themselves and do their best to create a competent and unflappable appearance.

However, a frustrated Gemini won’t even know where to start making things better and will continue to become more agitated until someone compels them to take a break and unwind.

Stressed Gemini will make frantic attempts to remedy the problem, but they often fail and make things worse for everyone.


Even in good spirits, Virgos have a tendency to be fussy and judgmental, but under stress, they can be a real nightmare.

At the least inconvenience, they will criticize everyone and everything, even themselves, and go on the attack.

They are the sort of individuals that add to everyone else’s stress by making it about their issues, which makes Virgo feel stressed out and makes it impossible for anybody to get anything done.

If at all possible, stay away from worried Virgos; if that’s not feasible, do your best to avoid falling for their traps.


Is the presence of Libra here truly unexpected?

Because Libras are notorious for needing harmony and tranquility, they cannot endure a stressful situation.

When trying to maintain harmony, Libras will frequently go to ludicrous extremes, compromising their own feelings and wellbeing in the process.

While this may temporarily put an end to the problem, Libra will harbor resentment against it for a very long time.

If a Libra abruptly takes you out of their life, there’s a strong probability they see you as a source of stress even if they won’t blow out or even mention it.


Scorpios are an odd example because although they can manage stress in their working lives, they are completely unable to handle it in a mature manner in their romantic relationships.

Scorpios put a lot of effort into maintaining their bonds, whether they be sexual or platonic, but if they are anxious or believe that anything is amiss, they will resort to desperate measures.

They’ll withdraw.

A stressed-out Scorpio will retreat and become secluded, ignore their lovers and friends, and make problems much more difficult to resolve than they need to be.


You’d think Aquarians would be fantastic at managing stress because they have a fast intellect that’s wonderful for problem-solving, but that’s simply not the case.

When faced with high-stress circumstances, their fast minds become a disadvantage because they will begin to overthink everything.

They will exaggerate the problem, begin to mistrust their own and other people’s skills, and will question and contest any efforts made by others to resolve the issue.

The greatest thing an anxious Aquarius can do is to stand back, take a big breath, and then, after they’re feeling less anxious, examine the scenario.


Sweet, kind, and highly compassionate, Pisces has the regrettable tendency to play the victim, which is evident in stressful circumstances.

When under pressure, Pisces will shirk any accountability and lay the blame at the feet of everyone and everything.

They won’t be able to accept criticism or listen to any counsel since they’ll interpret it all as a personal assault.

They’ll return to being their caring selves once things have calmed down, but what about while they’re under pressure? Oh boy.




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