Love Square according to the laws of Astrology!!! If you recognize your partner’s Zodiac sign, you can easily determine exactly how compatible you are with him. To do this, use the astrological square. Love Square according to the laws of Astrology !!!

Males of various zodiac signs are crazy as well as connections. Examine your male!



Strong in spirit. If he sees any kind of barriers in his way, he lowers his head down as well as rams any “wall” with a run. Obscenely assertive. As well as any difficulties only “spur” him, for him whatever in life is like sporting activities. He is always on the move, and extremely energetic, and he does not require to be “pushed” for a long time, however, he typically takes the effort right into his very own hands. Aries are very sincere naturally. Such a male says to his face whatever he considers them, even if it is unpleasant for the audience. As a result, it is sometimes tough for him to find the usual language with every person, and it is difficult to participate in diplomacy. But on the other hand, he is generous with gifts, in some cases, he can give simply a great joke. Extremely creative individuals, you will not get burnt out with them.


The Taurus guy is very keen on comfort as well as comfort. He loves a measured life, without unnecessary undesirable surprises. His serene disposition wishes to relax. He enjoys common human worth: good food as well as lovely ladies. And also much better if you have a good meal with an attractive lady. He likes to stand firmly on his feet, ideally on all four. He does not leave his buddies, and he does not leave his own in trouble. Yet often it can be differentiated by stubbornness, although it appears to be not Aries. A little careless as well as slow-moving. It “brake”, but it’s much better not to tell him about it.


Men of various zodiac signs in love and also partnerships. Gemini guys are smart and also quick-witted. His intellect “leaps” to extraordinary elevations of intelligence, and even an innovative listener likes their speech. He is extremely observant in ideas, promptly reorganizing properly. Loves life enjoys having fun and also enjoys learning something new. His innate “personal appeal” and also an abundant sense of humor permit him to “fit” into any group, to end up being the “soul” as well as often the “body” of any firm. Such a “heart” understands many jokes not only concerning a blonde or mother-in-law yet likewise regarding a web traffic cop as well as a lieutenant.

All his life it seems to him that he is an 18-year-old hussar, and also his bayonet is always all set. He always looks somewhere into the limitless future. He is searching for a new life, new people, and also new adventures for his “fifth factor”. His actions are spontaneous, it is not possible to forecast that he will “beat” at any moment. We state doubles, we indicate liberty. He does not wish to “chain” himself to the opposite sex for a long time.


The man of this sign is a very affectionate and gentle monster. Stay clear of problems. Very sensible, constantly tranquil, and thoughtful. This is beautiful nature, yet he hardly ever shows it. He likes to fantasize about something, as well as in some cases he will create something useful, for example, the wheel. It is warm to treat the whole women’s line of their relatives: mother, granny, aunties, and also siblings. In general, Cancer is an extremely deceptive person, it is scarce that he “turns himself inside out”, especially to the first rogue. He is really careful in everything, he determines his every gesture.

Really melancholic, yet commonly the sun appears from behind the clouds, as well as Cancer is already radiating and also flowering. When a Cancer male has silence and poise in his life, his dreamer’s mind starts to create issues for his butt. It seems to him that troubles are awaiting him everywhere, “Gopnik’s are massaging” near his house, at the workplace, there is a boss that makes every effort to fire him, and also a pet dog on the street hunts only for his upper leg. He is protected just in the house – in his covering.


The male lion is an extremely happy animal. He will certainly not stoop before anybody. In any kind of, also the unforeseen situation, this monster acts with dignity. Constantly takes matters right into his very own hands. Or paws. What does he have there? He captures good luck by the tail. Or what does she have? He inhabits a leading position, his toughness is the toughness of the spirit. He is constantly confident in everything, and also makes others confident in this, maybe even by force. He never lowers his rate, and often “on the sly” and also overestimates. Primarily like gold. And his hands are true “gold”. Drive a nail, deal with the TV, drive a nail right into the television – that’s all for him. Why is their gold, these are currently “platinum” hands.


Before doing something, the Virgo guy will thoroughly think about everything. And also unexpectedly “ambush”. First, you need to “probe” the dirt. Such a guy just shied away from genuine solid feelings. Emotions that transform an individual from top to bottom are most definitely not for him. His slogan is “an old pal is better than 2 brand-new ones”. This is a vulnerable and sensual soul. From the majority of also minor difficulties, he experiences stress, he starts to “sausage”.

But at these moments, his acting qualities work, and to others, he appears like a well-balanced person, with no extra feelings, he can drown also a kitten. His mind is continuously in the mode of extreme lots, reviewing something, studying something. Often it fails, and a voltage of several kilovolts is based on any surrounding people. Yet his materialism assists him in “spin” in this hard life. He is extremely critical of himself and also of individuals around him, specifically those around him. Unwell hardly ever, but appropriately. Virgos have a very subtle funny bone, in some cases even transparent.


Guy of various zodiac signs in love and connections. A guy of this indication tries all his life to “capture” his balance. On one side are his fictional “pink glasses”, and on the other – are the facts of our extreme globe. And also Libra is trying to find any “goat” paths, so as not to encounter any kind of problems. Usually, he is seeking a “great friend” who would undoubtedly fix a problem for him, and that’s far better. Although he can suggest others around the clock.

Keep in mind the USSR – the country of the Soviets. When every person encouraged something to each various other, so Libra still resides in that nation. And also if they need to “cry in a bandana” to him, after long and unbiased reasoning, he can additionally charge this “bad fellow” that he allowed such a circumstance. For some, he is “stale”, for someone – “raw”, but actually, he is reasonable.


A guy of this indication can resolve any type of issue, there are no barriers for him. Naturally, he is fair, as well as decides everything with justice. He does not such as extra “show-off”, or “show-off”. “Sucking up” to him is pointless. A theorist in life seeks his destiny, and also sometimes he discovers it. In his head, there is already a whole list of regulations that he is assisted by in any kind of life circumstance. As well as he will certainly not differ from these policies “for no rate.” He constantly has a cool head as well as a sober mind. Just a truly stubborn person can stand alongside him.


” We are awaiting change” is the slogan of Sagittarius. New sensations, new emotions, new individuals – there ought to constantly be something new. If he doesn’t do such something, he quickly “sheds” from there. Very dynamic as well as active likes freedom. He is like a fly, he manages to take a seat almost everywhere. However when faced with an uphill struggle, for example, glass, elevates the wings to the top, as well as changes the duty to one more. For that reason, he has many friends with whom he can change his troubles a little.


This male has every little thing outlined on the shelves, both in his head as well as in life. Such a person was developed for power, and he will make every effort to ascend the throne. A long-lived workaholic, he sees the objective and hurries in advance to it. He constantly wants other individuals to “hope” for him aloud or “inwardly”. Or at least provide him praise. Although somewhere deep in his soul he is simply a cutie, someplace very deep. As well as additionally deeply, he can remain a perky child also right into seniority. Someplace under the covers, playing soldiers is not trouble for him.

His mind is like a calculating maker, with no variations. A male of this sign seems to invest his entire life in the military: self-control and strong will are about him. Capricorn is extremely typed to his family and friends; he generally has more than enough. He can know his ancestors up to the seventh generation and honors customs. For those around him, he resembles a closed book, it is almost difficult to “check out” him.


It is practically difficult to recognize a guy with this indicator. Frequently he negates himself, at the very least, so it appears to others. He regularly looks into the future, today seems to him somehow insipid. He is attempting to rise above the normal. However, he handles money carefully, probably saving up for some extremely important event that will certainly occur in the future. He will purchase himself a story on the moon as well as sow rice. Yes, such a person is practical, he is devoted to his objectives, and people can securely count on him. Friendly simply to the point of profanity, it is easier to note his associates than those with whom he is not yet familiar.


Males of various zodiac signs are crazy and connected. The fish guy is not vindictive, just unkind, and also with a great memory. If you want to weep right into the pillow, call right into the Fish, they will calmly listen to you. A born psychologist, even a psychoanalyst. A fish man can be trusted with any keys and will certainly be silent, occasionally blowing bubbles. In Pisces, there is always some mystery, the solution to which also he does not know. Fish rarely takes the effort, the world itself should push it with kicks.

They daydream a lot and picture all sorts of indecent points, as well as accomplishing this goal, not every Pisces is capable of this. He could have ended up being a manager, yet he works as a junior aide. Often it takes place. Looks a little bit like Plyushkin from Dead Spirits. However, it’s not always that negative. Every guy makes his very own selection in life.


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