To whom such unpredictable kismet will grin this year, stated astrologist Pavel Globa. These fortunate among the zodiac circle need to stock up on lotto tickets.


Everything contributes to the fact that in 2022 Aries – swift as well as resolute reps of the components of Fire – hit the mark. Such a possibility, if existing, remains in a lot of situations just once in a lifetime. For that reason, you can not delay. On the side of the agents of this zodiac sign, now both the stars as well as the worlds – Aries can securely acquire a lotto ticket.

a lion

Lions, like Aries, belong to the fire component, as well as in 2022 they may be really lucky for Lions to get a lotto ticket, however not any. The card should have combinations of numbers associated with the dates of birth of relatives.


Together with Aries and also Leo, Sagittarius comes from the fire trine. If Sagittarians are ready to boost their lives, they must act now, in the first half of the year. There is a high chance of getting rich, the astrologist encourages purchasing several lottery tickets.


Representatives of the water aspect Pisces are psychological and typically lose the proper course to the objective. As well as if they decide to try their good luck by purchasing a lotto ticket, there will be no sense in it. As well as if the ticket becomes gift from an enjoyed one, the life of Pisces can transform for the better, as well as significantly


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