Libras might be a sign related to organization, yet don’t be tricked — these signs love to tease, and they’re great at it. Libras are perfect at causing individuals to feel quiet and can frequently get a feeling of what an individual needs to hear, making being a tease quite simple for them. They partake in the pursuit, yet they need to be the person who is sought after, so usually, they like to throw out some coquettish lines and see who will nibble, yet provided that the individual can keep up a to and fro. At last, Libras can cause any individual to feel they are the only one in the room, regardless of whether they have their eye on four others — it’s a gift.


A social sign governed by Mercury, the planet of correspondence, it isn’t stunning that Gemini signs know how to be a tease. Whether face-to-face or over messaging, these signs have a characteristic fondness for knowing a precisely exact thing to say and being energetic in doing as such. They will not hold back to say the principal thing at the forefront of their thoughts and will more often than not have such countless considerations going on the double that they have a rebound for nearly anything, so they love great chitchat. They don’t go over the top with themselves, which frequently makes it more straightforward to be a tease if you’re not putting a lot of tension on getting it “right.”


Playing with an Aquarius may not be for everybody, except for the individuals who know, you know. Aquarius signs are perfect at the off-kilter being a tease that in some way figures out how to seem to be charming. They know how to surprise an individual and shock them with a strange commendation or something that will unquestionably be essential — and frequently, it will make their squashes want more and more. Like Gemini, they love to chitchat and make energetic jokes yet may seem to be somewhat dull in their humor, which might lose some. At last, they are sure about their methodology, and it works for them.


Any individual who has met a Leo realizes that their certainty appears to exceed all rational limitations, which is convenient while being a tease. Leos frequently won’t hesitate to put themselves out there and have an appeal that attracts individuals, yet not set in stone to take care of business. Assuming a Leo is playing with you, they won’t keep down — and that sort of strength frequently helps them out, regardless of whether they toss out a “messy” pickup line. Being a tease is essential for the mission, and not entirely set in stone to be awesome at it.


Scorpios frequently be a tease without expressing much by any stretch of the imagination, yet a kid is viable. Scorpios will permit an individual to discuss themselves and set aside some margin to concentrate on them, trusting that the ideal second will offer something that will keep them fascinated. Scorpios are perfect at the “toning it down would be best” premise, where they will stand by and say one amazingly enticing, coy line and afterward leave, realizing that the other individual won’t quit pondering them until the following time they meet once more.


Try not to misjudge a Virgo in the being a tease class — they have a talent for it more than many understand. Like Gemini, Virgo is additionally administered by Mercury, the planet of correspondence, which gives them an edge in being a tease division. Be that as it may, they are a smidgen more purposeful in their methodology. Virgos are perfect at being a tease since they practice and ideal their expertise after some time, and they consider what works and what doesn’t. They are likewise excellent at adjusting rapidly to circumstances and can frequently shock an individual with the ideal reaction or coy line that feels exceptionally private and direct. *cue becoming flushed emoji*



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