Depression affects everyone.

Situational depression seems to strike particular sorts of individuals more often.

These folks often experience some kind of stuckness. In a physical sense, like being quarantined. Getting caught in mental and emotional feedback loops. And situational, as in difficult financial times or problematic relationships.

These four zodiac signs are more prone to depression than others.

1. Aries

An Aries can’t stay still.

When forced to, it may send them into a depressive downward cycle. Aries needs to release a lot of their stored mental and physical energies. If they don’t, it internalizes and is often harmful.

When left to their own devices, Aries might start to develop negative self-talk and a victim mindset.

Aries is led down a lonely path by losing their sense of direction and feeling helpless. They’ll spend too much time in their own heads. And it could be really challenging for them to leave that area.

Friends and relatives might worry easily when an Aries is really depressed. Aries’ social connections go from lively to guarded and their responses become more slower.

Aries may, at best, get briefly irritated when someone asks them if they’re OK. Silence or, at worst, dismissive remarks.

When Aries is sad, they resort to escape. To feel good again, they turn to television programs, literature, video games, and other media.


When a Sagittarius feels physically or emotionally imprisoned, depression is more likely to occur.

Sagittarius is not the kind of sign that is good at handling everyday tasks. When someone feels stuck in a circumstance, whether it be a work, a relationship, or their whole life, depression sets in.

This may seem as the generally vivacious Sagittarius turning drowsy. Because they are constantly exhausted, they may start to avoid situations and people that make them feel this way.

And Sagittarius despises experiencing that. They don’t intentionally aim to harm others around them because they love them. In order to make others happy, people remain in unfavorable circumstances rather than putting their own pleasure first.

Sagittarius yearns to resume solitary travel and mingling. This could not be feasible because of a lack of funds and domestic obligations. Sagittarius may experience depression as a result of this.

A Sagittarius who is really sad may begin to dislike the thought of getting out or embarking on little excursions. They gradually lose interest in doing the actions necessary to make themselves feel better.

Sagittarius can even start to feel deserving of unhappiness. Sagittarius needs assistance to exit this downward spiral since it is so gloomy.


Mental and emotional cycles that might result in depressive episodes are common among cancer patients.

Cancer is a sign of the zodiac that dwells in the mind. They think things out carefully yet act quickly on the outside. The harm is already done by the time their thoughts gets up to their words.

These types of circumstances may stew on cancer for very lengthy periods of time. Every statement, tone, many arguments, emotions, etc. will be overanalyzed.

Reliving the incident would undoubtedly make them feel bad about themselves.

Cancer will get to a point when these thoughts turn into an obsession and they are unable to concentrate on anything else. Of course, they would never publicly admit this to others. They feel exposed and it’s too intimate.

Being in this mental space all the time might make Cancer irritable and snappish towards people around them. It’s common to see Cancer drifting off. Now, it’s more crucial to consider what they might have done differently.

Even sick days from work or school may be lost to cancer. When they fall into a depression hole, they are unable to function at all.

Cancer might lapse into blank, empty thinking when their mind isn’t racing and their emotions aren’t elevated from anxiety. drained by the intense feelings.

4. Libra

Libra is perceptive to their environment. Therefore, when something is wrong or things aren’t going well, it can make people feel depressed.

Extreme stress is not something the sign of Libra is suited to endure, certainly not for long. From the outside, it might appear that Libra is overacting.

However, Libra is not suited for handling conflict. They might experience significant anguish if their delicate equilibrium is disturbed.

It can make Libra depressed if they are able to hold onto what feels like a hurricane.

It’s common knowledge that Libras persist in circumstances they ought to have left long ago. Their quest for harmony is the cause of this. They really want to think that disputes can be settled. even if it means sacrificing their mental health.

It’s a precarious slope that Libra has to be cautious about. They will be harmed and suppressed by people-pleasing. Their level of happiness will drop, and codependence may develop. And it could take a while, if ever, for Libra to get themselves back on track.





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