February has arrived, and with it, a lot of astrological transits to keep our heads rotating.

This month is commonly associated with love and enthusiasm, given that Valentine’s Day rolls around on the 14th. The month is divided between the indications of Aquarius and also Pisces, initiating lots of self and collective reflection for us all.

While there is a lot to say regarding how this month will influence each zodiac sign, two specific placements will experience some significant adjustment– in even more means than one– during this month. So let’s talk about it.


Leo Risings pertained to the front.

Yes, Leo risings will certainly be experiencing one of the most alter throughout February for a couple of reasons.

To begin with, The Moon on February fifth took place in your 1st House of Self/Identity, which is a great time to focus on yourself as well as what you require– not simply what you feel you require to put together to impress every person else. Full Moons typically note the closing of a phase, so indulging in this weekend is a great way to recognize the journey you’ve started in 2023.

Next up, the Aquarius period has already had you examining your connections and also links, but once Mercury goes into the sign on February 11th, you may feel more likely to create some straight interaction with those links. This may be just the push you need to connect what you need to those in your life– whether you’re pulling relationships in more detail or setting some essential limits. This can affect exactly how you have navigated your relationships as well as might set the stage for some big adjustments in what you’re utilized to.

Then, the Pisces period will get here on the 18th and also happen throughout your 8th residence of bonds as well as change. These next few weeks will certainly have the heaviest concentration on regrowth and also starting new tasks. Your lovemaking and innovative endeavors might see some significant changes, specifically with the New Moon in Pisces taking place on the 19th. New Moons usually indicate a clean slate, a clean slate for an individual to function from– and also its appearance in your 8th Residence feels extremely substantial towards adjustment and a clean slate.

Ultimately, Venus relocates right into your other fire indication Aries on the 19th, right into your 9th Residence of College, Traveling, and Approach. This can show some new connections in your lovemaking if you agree to increase your horizons, but it can also allude to wealth in your love as well as your creative life in terms of opening up your heart as well as your mind to various other opportunities. Not every little thing is about going by the book, so if you can recognize the changes you have already started to make, newer ones will certainly be even much easier to embrace.


It’s likewise crucial to note that one more sign, Pisces, will likely really feel the impacts of some makeover throughout this month also (this primarily puts on Pisces Risings but can likewise impact Pisces sun, moon, as well as various other individual placements).

With the Moon on February 5th will be taking place in your sixth Residence of Habits/Health, this is a fun time to concentrate on the means you take care of on your own. This can open understanding into brand-new habits that have been helpful or radiate light on others that have been holding you back. You might be shocked at what requires change for you to step into a much healthier variation on your own.

After that, the Aquarius period has already started its journey in your 12th House of Secret as well as the Unconscious (or things that you can not “see,” such as desires, feelings, etc). As soon as Mercury joins the celebration on the 11th, this can symbolize a time of trusting your intuition as well as what it’s attempting to tell you. Whether it includes love (I suggest, the 14th is right nearby) or other considerable areas of your life, the 12th Residence is commonly an area where things become uncovered– and if the earth of interaction has anything to claim regarding it, those points will certainly intend to emerge. You could discover some unforeseen features on your own, so it won’t injure you to take note.

After that, when your season shows up on the 18th, your 1st Home of Self/Identity will certainly have the limelight, and also the New Moon acting on the 19th does indicate a clean slate in your life. The way you provide on your own, the person you want to become, as well as the identification you want to hold, are all on the table during this season, so take this time around to commemorate on your own and concentrate on what you are as well as who you want to be. The person that holds power to alter on your own is you– you must keep in mind that.



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