You are fresh with your dream man and enjoy the togetherness to the fullest. But these thoughts are constantly pounding in his head: Does he still have feelings for his ex? What if she wants him back? Why did he still store her with a funny nickname? The jealousy of his ex-girlfriend could so – unfortunately – be fatal to your happy relationship. We’ll explain how you can fight your jealousy.

Step 1: Let the past rest

An ex girlfriend should never stand between you or even become the point of controversy that keeps coming up. Otherwise it will destroy everything you have built and experienced together over time. You can not reverse the past, and you should not want that. The event is a piece of luggage with which everyone travels through his life.

Step 2: Do not compare yourself with his ex

You came across the Instagram profile of his ex. Of course you look around a bit. Nevertheless, that is no reason to panic . Maybe his ex-girlfriend is very pretty and probably your friend had a nice time with her, but the relationship was not broken for no reason. Keep that in mind!

Step 3: Say goodbye to self-doubt

To reproach him or to forbid contact is useless. Be aware that the cause of jealousy is often your own insecurity . You do not have to have them!

Step 4: Learn to trust him

The ex-girlfriend is just one trigger of many who can come up in the course of your relationship. A new colleague or it emerges in the circle of friends a new attractive woman who stands on him. You will always have to deal with such situations, but it is important not to consider every woman equal as a competitor. Learn to free yourself from this jealousy. Give your friend your trust to build an even better, more loving and happier relationship . This brings you much further and even closer together.