Yes, we all know – this with the New Year’s resolutions is such a thing. You write eloquent lists, proudly portraying your friends and family, and talking to each other until the very last moment, that you can easily keep all resolutions and the next year will be “completely different” anyway. Fix.

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Mostly, however, then already on 1.1. at 00:01, that our ingenious Master Plan will not work.


And that’s why we leave that with the general New Year’s resolutions and focus on a concrete (and for our well-being also quite essential) thing: The love 2017.

6 New Year’s resolutions for love

1. Overcome fears. 
Whether as a permanent single or a relationship animal: let’s jump over our shadows, try new things and face our fears. It does not matter if it’s about finally getting involved with someone, ending a relationship that does us no good or talking openly about difficult, unspoken things with your partner – out of the comfort zone and into life!

2. Listen to the gut feeling. 
Too often, we are guided by our nagging and often pretty cowardly brain. Mostly, it is better to take a deep breath, to feel in and to “listen” to what our good old gut feeling has to say.

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3. Give opportunities.
Whether it’s the new acquaintance we visually do not like 100% or the long-standing relationship that is slowly becoming difficult, but far too special to just be abandoned: those who give opportunities, get back from life opportunities.

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4. Learn to trust. 
Trust is the basic requirement for relationships, love affairs and friendships. Nevertheless, many of us – for a variety of reasons – have big problems with abandoning ourselves completely. Working bit by bit, overcoming these barriers , exploring the causes of our fears, and transforming them into something positive is a goal worth setting.

5. Do not take yourself too seriously. 
Self-reflection is an important keyword when it comes to love. Anyone who takes a critical look at himself, his character and his dealings with other people is one step ahead of his ego.

6. Do not orient yourself to others. 
Guide to unhappiness: “Take a person who is very different from yourself and strives to be like you or he.” As a single persistent happy couple to envy or in a relationship without missing the lost freedom – both bring nothing . Either you change your life (and you have to do something for that), or you learn to see and appreciate the good things – and there are more than enough in the exciting single life, as well as in happy relationships.

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