Everyone is oriented towards their environment – especially when it comes to their own appearance . What many women’s magazines often sell us as a “beauty ideal” is really nothing more than a prevailing trend . That is why (or for that very reason) one should start to cultivate one’s own beauty – and to feel oneself beautiful. Because the fact is, it does not even matter how big your nose is, your lips or what shape your face has – it depends on your opinion about yourself and whether you respect yourself, Because only those who have learned to love themselves emanate one thing that makes them really beautiful: self-confidence .

But to clear up the prejudice that men generally find only perfect Instagram girls beautiful , we have here a few “flaws” (which are actually not one) summarized, which are considered in the gentlemen quite positive.

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1. freckles

As a teenager, you spend so much time in front of the mirror to overshadow the freckles – and you should celebrate them! At fashion shows, models are even momentarily painted freckles – because they just look really adorable.

2nd tooth gap

Your teeth are not perfect straight? Then you have been lucky! Embrace the tooth gap !

3. nose

So many women do not like their noses and complain that they think they are too big. Girls: Cleopatra was especially appreciated because she had a very distinctive profile.


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4. Roundings

You hate your thighs, your hips or your stomach? You should learn that it is absolute nonsense if you do not like your curves. Basically, the following applies: physical fitness yes, slimming mania NO. The times of the starving Size Zeroes are over. Stand to the natural form of your body! Of course, this also applies to women who are naturally very slim. After all, it’s not the body shape that counts, but your own health – a healthy body radiates it and therefore looks attractive to others.


5. Little bosom

A luscious cleavage is nice – a small bosom as well! Especially when wrapped in gossamer lace bralettes …

6. Be small

You definitely do not have to have legs that are 2 meters long to be attractive – studies even prove that women between 1.6 m and 1.7 m tall have the best chances in the opposite s*x.

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