# 1 You can not own her.

Whether Sagittarius, Lioness or Aries : The three fire signs love and respect their freedom. If you try to restrict them or crush them with love, you can wrap up very quickly.

# 2 She is an extremely sensual being.

The fire signs are very passionate. They celebrate the physical love like no other star sign. Their lover, they require a lot of condition, passion and ingenuity. Those who can not keep up are quickly written off.

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# 3 She is honest – and often tactless.

The fire-born do not talk about the bush. They are eloquent, witty and sarcastic – and mercilessly direct. Men who can not tolerate this, and certainly can not counter, are bored to death.

# 4 She knows what she’s worth.

The fire signs are everything, just not modest. They love to stage themselves and to be the center of attention.

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# 5 She hates boredom.

Action, Action, Action! With snug stools, the fire signs can do little. They want to get out and experience something.

# 6 She is impulsive.

Sagittarius, Leo, and Aries are carefree, intuitive, and completely guided by their current feelings. Since what was exciting and exciting the day before, can be boring the next day.

# 7 She knows how to be happy.

A woman like her is a master of seduction. She knows how to make other beautiful eyes and knows exactly what someone wants to hear. For the most part, she has no serious intentions when she charmingly casts compliments. But sometimes she does it out of calculus.

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