How easy life would be – and love – if we could choose who we fall in love with . We would only enter into relationships with people we are 100 percent compatible with – happy ending probably always included. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. BUT: Some zodiac couples have higher chances of being happy (and staying) of the personality traits attributed to them, and others are not among such a good star in the first place. Of course, people are different, but some fit Zodiac better zueinender – and others must unfortunately worse.

6 star sign pairs who have to deal with problems in their relationship

  • Scorpio and Cancer

Scorpions and crabs are both introverted and have a hard time talking about emotions. That could complicate the relationship life. And: Cancers tend to be more withdrawn and emotionally sensitive, while scorpions are open-minded and loud to the outside, but inwardly often struggle with self-doubt and are often very self-centered. No easy conditions for a relationship. Nevertheless, both zodiac signs are very sensitive and self-sacrificing – which in turn fits quite well.

  • Virgin and twin

It is called “opposites attract”, but virgins and twins are unfortunately the exception. They are much too different and will not find common ground. A virgin is rather unspontaneous and a habit animal. She always wants things to be done in a certain way. And then the twin: He is the complete opposite. He loves change. That can be pretty frustrating in the long term.

  • Sagittarius and Libra

In Sagittarius-Libra couples dispute is inevitable. However, the constant struggles and discussions prevent the relationship from developing. To argue every now and then is perfectly normal in healthy relationships and good, but shooters and scales are usually overdoing it. A Libra will demand safety and stability from a shooter, but the Sagittarius will never be able to do that.

  • Fish and Aquarius

A needy with an independent zodiac – can that be okay? The chances are unfortunately bad. A fish needs constant affection, attention and affirmation. Whereas Aquarius always wants to have space and freedom in the relationship. Unfortunately, fish and Aquarians have a harder time in relationships.

  • Capricorn and twin

Capricorn and Gemini will have a hard time in a relationship. Point. Why? An ibex wants to set the direction, needs structure and order. A twin does not really have a firm plan in life. Because of these fundamental differences, this pairing will never work (simply).

  • Virgo and fish

Virgo and Pisces : Another classic example of opposites that dress, but can not work together because they are too different. Fish are dreamers – they often lose themselves in their fantasies. Virgins are realists. It will always be difficult for them to find common ground in a relationship.

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