“What loves itself teases.” – What is it about the old adage? Apparently a lot. Humor is hugely important for a good ongoing relationship, and fun at the expense of others, should not be taken too seriously. They only weld a couple closer together. A study from a university in North Carolina could even prove that mutual teasing is crucial to a happy relationship.

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Pricking connects couples

Small Neckerein bring people closer to each other. The making fun of another person is often unjustly classified as unfriendly. Assuming you do not overdo it, of course, and no one is either insulted or hurt. Because men and women have wound points that should be left alone. However, those who take the weaknesses of the partner in a positive way with humor and laugh at it, gives him the feeling of being understood. He knows that he is valued and loved the way he is. In addition, small Stichelein help to break the ice after a fight.

Through this little ritual, your love will last forever

“Good night, sweetheart” – as the day draws to an end, an intimate time window opens for couples. What happy lovers say before falling asleep.

1. Look each other in the eye

Take a moment of silence, two pairs of eyes and deep eyes – and the intimate moment between lovers is ready. Sometimes silence is just gold.

2. Exchange cuddles and caresses

The classic. Before going to bed, the cuddly togetherness is practical in must. Whether it’s a good night kiss, cuddling in a spoonful position or sexy time: Couples should pay attention to themselves before falling asleep.

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This promotes the release of the cuddly hormone oxytocin – and this in turn strengthens the emotional bond between the partners.

3. Chat about the experience

The treasure before slumbering again the heart over the stressful working day, the annoying colleague or the dispute with the best friend, serves the psycho-hygiene. Positive side effect: one lets the partner participate in everyday life and thus prevents oneself from each other.

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4. Laughter together

When fooling around and laughing together, happiness hormones are released – and this can never be a negative side effect.

5. Say “I love you”

The relationship everyday is not a pony farm. As a couple you are regularly confronted with small or bigger challenges. So reassuring oneself of mutual love before the dawn of the new and the end of the old day can have a calming and harmonizing effect.



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