Let’s face it: even if you’ve been dreaming about it your whole life, moving a relationship forward may be nerve-wracking.

Although a divorce is always a possibility if things really don’t work out, most individuals enter a marriage believing it would last a lifetime. Marriage is a life-changing choice.

But the four zodiac signs included in this list don’t represent the majority of individuals.

One thing is certain: they just can’t make up their minds about the whole thing, whether it’s because they’re reluctant to settle for anything less than their ideal spouse, feel that the other person won’t keep up, or for any other number of reasons.

These four zodiac signs have a really difficult time seeing themselves getting married.


Marrying an Aries is a major accomplishment since this sign is one of the most independent and headstrong in the whole zodiac.

They are quite picky about the qualities they look for in a spouse and don’t mind waiting for their perfect companion rather than compromising, even though they aren’t as unwilling to compromise as most people make them out to be.

That’s true, despite the fact that Arians lack patience in general, there is one instance when they will wait as long as necessary.

Don’t be shocked if your otherwise serious relationship doesn’t result in an engagement any time soon. While they won’t mind casually dating in the meantime, Aries won’t often, if ever, really contemplate marriage unless it is with the perfect person.


When it comes to marriage, you’d think a sign as talkative as Gemini would make it abundantly plain when they’re ready, but things are seldom that straightforward, especially with this Zodiac sign.

Is it really a surprise that Geminis are even more prone to this tendency when making major judgments given the fact that we all know Geminis to be indecisive?

When a Gemini is unsure and uneasy about their decision, they may change their mind about getting married, but they won’t keep it a secret.

Although they don’t despise the notion of getting married, they approach the matter with extreme care and won’t hesitate to leave if they feel that things are going too quickly.

Remember that this ambivalence will exist whether or not the Gemini in question brings up the subject of marriage.

If they are the ones who want it to happen, they will be far more invested in the idea, but they will still suffer from uncertainty and alternate between wanting to be married and wanting to run away almost constantly.

Just something Geminis seem to do.


It’s hardly surprising that Sagittarians don’t consider marriage and commitment lightly since they often have a difficult connection with these topics.

Contrary to popular belief, Sagittarians are completely capable of committing; they only need to be certain before taking action.

They often want to cancel the whole event when they have even the slightest inkling of doubt.

While they are prepared to give up these freedoms when they believe they have discovered The One, they are explorers at heart who value their independence and the freedom to travel. However, this does not imply that they have lost their sense of adventure.

Sagittarius people often don’t even consider getting married unless they are sure it is what they want. If they feel their marriage has imprisoned them or is holding them back, there is a significant possibility they will back out of it.

They won’t rush into marriage without giving it some serious thought.


Being one of the Zodiac’s analytical and cerebral signs, Aquarians are not readily influenced by emotions.

They won’t often, if ever, engage in decisions like marriage on a whim as a result, which makes “taking things to the next level” quite a risk.

Aquarians often don’t give the entire “finding your other half” idea a lot of thought. They are conscious that they are whole people and that there are other things outside relationships that might make them happy.

They’re completely willing to date, but if things don’t work out, they’re just as eager to end the relationship. Except when they are passionately in love, they are not the kind of person who makes an attempt to “work things out.”

Even though Aquarians are known for being rather certain about what they want, it might be difficult to know if they would want to wed you since they aren’t likely to say so out of the blue.

If they do, then you have the upper hand. If they don’t, before you even understand what’s happening, they’ll break off the connection.

On the bright side, you can be sure that an Aquarius is quite serious about marriage if they bring it up in conversation.



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