In general, regulations are put in place to make it simpler for people to coexist and work together.

Without regulations, everyone would act anyway they pleased, and if everyone had their way, life would probably be utter chaos.

There are certainly some regulations that make no sense at all, but for the most part, they serve to bring some order to our otherwise chaotic life.

But try to communicate it to these astrological indications.

The following 4 zodiac signs will go out of their way to breach the rules, whether they see them as restrictions, burdens, or difficulties.

They believe that regulations were created to be violated, after all.


Rules are more like recommendations to Arians: Thoughtful to remember, but not something you have to adhere to if it gets in the way.

While some individuals disobey the law because they consider themselves rebels, Aries does not.

Aries is quite content to obey laws that are beneficial to them, therefore they don’t give a damn about looking cool or making a statement.

No, Aries disobeys because certain regulations prevent them from attaining their objectives, and if a rule is holding them back, they have the right to disregard it.

When it comes to Aries, convenience reigns supreme.

It’s interesting that Aries are such thrill-seekers when even violating the laws doesn’t really excite them.

They don’t violate the rules to have fun, however. They disregard the law because it is not feasible. In other words, they strongly feel that it is preferable to seek for forgiveness than permission.


You wouldn’t think that someone like a Libra, who values harmony and avoids conflict, would be wholly opposed to breaching the law, but you’d be wrong.

Like Aries, Libras don’t disobey the law only to disobey it. They don’t really like defying convention, and they don’t see themselves as rebels either.

No, Libras defy the law out of moral obligation.

While they may not express it outwardly, Libras are really highly idealistic and, whether or not others are aware of it, they will battle tenaciously for their beliefs.

They will go out of their way to breach a rule if they feel it is unjust or unnecessary, and if they can, they will draw attention to it until it is eliminated.

Even if they want to stay out of the spotlight, conformism is the one thing Libras detest even more than pointless drama, especially if it results in injuries to others.

When it occurs, Libra’s reluctance to conflict vanishes, and they turn into the most ardent rule-breakers the world has ever seen.


Sagittarians are naturally curious and daring, and they often defy the law just for the sake of breaking it.

They don’t disregard the law out of realism or idealism. Simply because it’s entertaining, they violate the rules.

Since they are used to doing as they like without consulting anybody or providing an explanation, they find it silly to observe regulations, especially ones that they believe to be illogical.

Sagittarians like violating the law, and they often want to do it in the most spectacular way possible.

Sagittarians will not only possess a pet, but several pets, or even better, an exotic pet if keeping pets is prohibited by their residential complex.

If a venue forbids you from bringing food inside, they will devise new, trickier methods to bring in food.

They will enter a building even if they aren’t allowed to and record themselves doing it.

The list keeps on, too.


So far, we’ve seen people breach the law because they believe it’s amusing, because they disagree with the law, and because it gets in the way.

Each of them is not Aquarius.

Because Aquarius defies authority, they defy the law.

Aquarians attempt to turn rules become their difficulties by seeing them as an imposition that was created by others.

They believe they are unneeded and foolish, and even when they concede that following a certain rule is probably a good idea, they will still object since doing otherwise would be conceding defeat.

Aquarians are rule-breakers without a cause; they disobey the law for no good reason, even if it ends up biting them in the behind.

especially if it ends up biting them in the behind.

They greatly prefer to take responsibility for violating the rule than to accept it passively, especially when they believe the rule to be extraordinarily foolish.

Although most Aquarians don’t breach the law in outrageous ways since they still have to live in society with the rest of us and would likely go to prison if they did, they nonetheless have a tendency to defy the law in little ways whenever they can for moral reasons.

When it comes to finding methods to breach the law, Aquarians are fascinated because they like doing it. This includes donning “forbidden” attire, sneaking a drink or two while working, or not wearing seatbelts.


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