A long-distance relationship presents couples with particularly great challenges. Not everyone is capable of being separated from their loved one for several weeks. Regular phone calls or skyping is simply not the same as face-to-face. But these four star signs reveal the ideal character traits for a relationship at a distance and survive them easily:


Gemini are true masters of communication and what is more important in a long-distance relationship. They manage to let their partner share their words on their day so that the miles that lie between them quickly become unimportant . A long-distance relationship is a breeze for them.


The lion is a true romantic and also manages to keep the fire burning for miles. If you have a long-distance relationship with him, you can always be prepared for small surprises. So it is not unlikely that one day suddenly a huge bouquet of flowers at the door and the next day maybe he himself.


Especially in a long-distance relationship, it always comes back to small quarrels and it is a lot easier to resolve a dispute, when the partner is right in front of you. Luckily, Capricorn is a true discussion artist and, with his calm and uncompromising manner, he chooses to stifle the fire before it can really break out. So just perfect for a long distance relationship.


The shooter also copes very well with a relationship at a distance. Since he likes to keep his freedom and independence in a partnership anyway, a long-distance relationship is actually perfect for him. He has no problem doing his own thing and not seeing his sweetheart for some time. And the time together is all the better for him then.