Not everyone feels comfortable in a committed relationship. Although some zodiacs feel the need to be close to a person, they still want to forgo the obligations of a committed relationship. Above all, these three zodiacs only wish friendship plus:


Twins are not known for their decision-making. That’s why they find it particularly difficult to commit to a relationship or friendship. Friendship Plus is the perfect solution.


Sagittarians are known for their independence and love of freedom. Compromises are not very popular with them. Which is not hot, of course, that they are totally unable to relate. When “the right one” comes, it is worth the effort of a serious relationship. Until then, they are completely happy with a friendship plus relationship.


Aquarians often have a large circle of friends because of their open and relaxed nature. This also brings many flirting options with it. Forgetting their casual lifestyle for a serious relationship is out of the question for most Aquarians, which is why they totally rely on Friends with Benefits.