There are those star signs that are extremely hard to open and cause serious relationships, and then there are also the absolute relationship people who are extremely loyal in a partnership and manage to stay together for a long and happy time. These include above all these three star signs. They have the longest relationships and seem to have discovered the recipe for a working partnership. Who is with this zodiac, may have found his partner for life . 


The maiden is open to compromise, which is why a relationship with this zodiac sign has much potential for something long-term. The perfectionism of this star sign turns into a positive relationship, because the maiden would do anything to make the partner happy. At the same time, however, her own needs are also important to her. But through her willingness to compromise, the maiden finds the perfect balance to satisfy both herself and her partner. The ideal combination: Capricorn. 


The bull is one of the loyal zodiac signs. Bulls are always at your side when you are not feeling well and you can rely on them very well in a partnership. Although this star sign is also considered capricious and impulsive, his loyalty compensates for that again well. Who is with a bull, could have actually found the partner for life. Especially these two star signs can be really happy with a bull: crayfish and fish. 


Although the shooter is actually one of those who are very erratic, always in need of adventure and bored in relationships, one can also have a really long and good relationship with him – but only if the shooter has found the perfect antipole. He needs someone who gives him his freedom. If the shooter has the feeling that he is not restricted and can develop completely freely, he becomes in a relationship all the more loyal and faithful. Gunners harmonize best with rams.