Pisces are one of the three water signs and so, they can be a sustaining life source or deep with murky depths to their personality. Dating them is not easy, but it is certainly worth all your efforts. They have an overly vivid imagination, an emotional and sometimes reserved nature. They are very dreamy and are often found zoned out in their own little world which is far from reality.


This also makes them somewhat play-like and childish. Their sensitivity often gets the best of them, which is why loving a Pisces can be more difficult and complex than you officially thought. So there are some things you will have to keep in mind and come prepared with. Despite being such fragile creatures, Pisces have the biggest hearts with the most mature sense of understanding for others and how they feel. Here are more tips to win a Pisces’ heart.

1. They require loads of love and care

Pisces mostly give way more than they get in any relationship. So if you want to date one, never miss a chance to woo them and win their heart whenever you can. They give away more love and affection than the person deserves and so, they ask for just the same in return. They’re hopeless romantics and exceeding their expectations of being loved will make it easy to date them.


2. They need creativity in life

Pisces are well-known for how dreamy and wildly imaginative they get. They don’t like mundane tasks or the monotone reality surrounding them. Living in their own weird worlds is more like their thing.


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Painting, drawing, writing etc are some of the hobbies they use to enhance their creativity. Making best use of that creative genius is why they might not have normal jobs. To date a Pisces, accept their creative side and their deep need to fulfil and express it.

3. They value loyalty

Having a heart of good, Pisces don’t just go for anyone they see first outside of their relationship. Cheating on their partner and hurting them goes against everything they stand for so before dating a Pisces, know they will stick to your side no matter how tough it gets. That kind of loyalty from them demands the same from your side too.


4. They crave romance relationships

Pisces don’t speak their mind right away; they won’t tell you straight away what you need to do to sweep them off their feet so you will have to read between the lines.


However, enjoying life’s simple pleasures like kids as Pisces do, it isn’t difficult to take them to a fancy restaurant or send them gifts unexpectedly just to keep them happy. They are hopeless romantics after all. Relationships without passion and romance feel devoid to them.

5. They enjoy deep, meaningful conversations

If you want to date a Pisces, remember to keep them interested in you by engaging in deep conversations with them, not just small talk. Intuitive minds that like to delve deeper into things like aliens and man’s existence, they like to dream and stay stimulated with deep talks. They don’t mind talking about small things but keep them in the loop with deeper talks.


6. They have a generous heart

Expect your Pisces to make great sacrifices and compromises for the sake of the relationship, no matter what it costs them. They have such generosity to spare, they will give you not what they have but beyond that just to keep you safe and happy. So never forget to show them your appreciation.


7. They’re daydreamers

Living in their own worlds feels better to a Pisces than the real one. You might find your Pisces staring into space much too often.


They don’t mean to be rude, they’re just too dreamy like that. They have a short attention span, so you will have to bring them back to reality and accept their imaginative, dreamy disposition rather than thinking they’re not interested in you.

8. They are slight introverts

Dating a Pisces means that some days, they will prefer to stay in, chill with Netflix and cookies instead of getting dressed up and dealing with the outside world.


They love one-on-one interactions anyway so a quiet evening in with some good movie and popcorn seems more enjoyable to them contrary to your ideas of hitting a bar or going to meet friends. Accept their tendency to be introverted like this at times.

9. They like their solitude

No matter how much Pisces love affection and attention, they need their personal time too. The world drains a gentle Pisces and so, they need their solitude to recharge. But don’t let them drift away too much.


Keep reminding them they’re loved and that you will be waiting for them and be there for them once they step out of their shell. Otherwise, they will fall under the impression you don’t understand their need for their own time and space which is something everyone deserves.

10. They get hurt easily

A Pisces wears their heart on their sleeves. They have big hearts but get hurt easily. They are reserves and don’t let you know how to they feel straight away. If they like you, they’ll drop everything just to be there for you. They don’t let just anyone in so before dating a Pisces, know they need constant reassurance of your true feelings.




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