While emotions are a reflection of how we feel internally, they are also painful truths that we find it difficult to tell ourselves. Our emotions often introduce us to unresolved internal emotional turmoil and secret emotions we want to avoid.

When faced with inner disclosures, some individuals experience profound self-realization, but others find it difficult to deal with their feelings. They are afraid to confront their own reality because they are afraid of being rejected, being betrayed, the unknown, and the infinite possibilities of destiny.

They ultimately choose to ignore it and lead an avoidant lifestyle. Instead of just accepting their sensitive reality, they’d prefer to live in deception.

The same holds true for affection and love. Someone who has overcome their emotional baggage may speak out or go for what their heart desires if they become conscious of their enthusiasm for someone.

On the other hand, if a person with an unresolved history encountered their affections for someone, they would immediately flee.

Here are 4 zodiac signs that refuse to acknowledge their feelings even after falling deeply in love:


Even the people they love might make them feel vulnerable, which makes Aquarians afraid to do so. Since they feel that expressing their emotions essentially gives someone else the ability to harm them, they view this as a weakness.

They always maintain a high level of caution because of this. By putting on an extra layer of hardness that might prevent them from showing their sensitive, emotional side, they constantly question the motives of others and their own sentiments.

Additionally, they are a sign that emulates the adage that “actions speak louder than words” in their behavior. Even if they aren’t the ones holding a “I love you” sign, they will nonetheless take steps to let you know how much you mean to them.

Know that they care even if they may seem distant because they struggle to properly communicate their feelings. People born under the sign of Aquarius guard their feelings like no other because they are so afraid of being hurt.


Scorpio is a mysterious individual who exudes a paranoid atmosphere that gives them the impression of being secretive, even when they are not. Although they adore the idea of falling in love, they are afraid of being hurt and experiencing heartbreak.

They hide their feelings behind a cloak of mystery so that no one can know what’s really going on within their hearts. As a result, their spouse always feels in the dark, almost as if the Scorpio is concealing something, which causes trust challenges in their relationships.

Scorpio does things slowly and steadily, using a lot of investigation and preparation to ensure their future. They don’t jump on the love bandwagon straight immediately.

They don’t dish their inner feelings on a platter for anybody since they don’t trust others readily and are aware that they need to protect their tender hearts from being used by others.

This often breeds distrust and prevents their connection from blossoming into a lovely long-term friendship.


The meticulous Virgo is skilled at keeping their sentiments and emotions intact. Because they are analytical beings, they observe and analyze every action the person they are interested in takes to the point where they fail to express their own true intentions or feelings.

Even if they are only devoted individuals who fear having their hearts broken, their unwillingness to express their actual emotions gives their significant other cause for doubt and skepticism.

Given that Mercury, the planet of straightforward communication, rules this zodiac, it is not surprising that this sign sometimes struggles to convey its feelings. This is due to their conviction that love should be defined by acts rather than talk.

Like Aquarius, this sign prefers to communicate their emotions via emotive, heartfelt activities rather than outward declarations.


Taurus just wants to be loved, but because they aren’t great communicators, they don’t show their love to their partner in a manner that makes them think they are really interested.

They struggle with language and often aren’t aware of the effects words may have on a relationship. They prioritize keeping their hearts safe above all else and think that by being authentic and unfiltered, they run the risk of having their hearts crushed or otherwise damaged.

Their partners may feel as if there is something missing in the relationship due to their lack of communication and inability to explain how they genuinely feel, which may lead to issues that are irreparable.

Taurus is skilled at masking their feelings, even from themselves, and they do it so often that they frequently fail to connect with even themselves in order to perceive the reality of the connection.



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