Everyone believes they have the finest taste in music. Maybe with the exception of Libras, who are infamous for listening to the same kind of mainstream music that is currently playing on all radio stations. But it can’t possibly be the case.

It’s a reality that some of us have outstanding musical taste from birth. Some zodiac signs that consider music to be their religion like listening to some of the greatest, most elegant, and sophisticated bops ever produced.

These are the zodiac signs with the finest musical tastes, whether it be due to their natural intuition, their heavenly musical and creative ability, or simply their impeccable taste.


It is a proven truth that the artistically minded Pisces has the finest musical taste of the whole zodiac. They’re so in touch with their emotions that they can hear the artist’s aim clearly and interpret each and every note of music with a trained eye and extremely ravenous ears.

They are the most surreal and scary symbol, so that helps. Their outstanding musical taste may be attributed to the fact that they are always engrossed in their playlists, daydreaming about exotic locations and delicate, more beautiful realities. They can back it up with their experience.

Numerous Pisces also have outstanding creative talent. Pisces can analyze music with a trained ear since they often identify as musicians. They may search for the newest hits and discover some of the most enchanted music ever made thanks to this.


Of course, the sign has excellent musical taste given how tuned into their emotions it is. Cancer’s favorite friends for all life throws at them are their tunes. There is a certain sensitivity in the words they listen to and a delicate coating of complacency in their instrumentals, even if their go-to songs aren’t usually depressing ballads for them to weep to.

The Moon, which rules the water sign and is the quickest and nearest celestial body, has long been a source of artistic inspiration. Because the moon swings through all of its phases in a matter of weeks, this is why many people have the misconception that Cancers are temperamental.

They are quite creative and, being the moon’s sign, Cancers often produce music for themselves. This creative sign have a strong skill set that enables them to discover the greatest music and spot genuine art wherever they are.


Sagittarius is undoubtedly a brooding artist, yet because of their adventurous spirit and desire for independence, they often need the greatest music. Therefore, it is not surprising that the strong centaur has one of the zodiac’s greatest musical preferences. This zodiac sign has the most luck in uncovering obscure tunes that leave listeners dumbfounded since Jupiter, the god of luck, rules it.

A Sagittarius is also known for their love of partying, which explains why they are constantly up to speed on the hottest songs since they are usually the first to show up to a cool party and the last to go after every song has been danced to death.

They don’t listen to the same kind of music as Pisces and Cancer, who like delicate ballads, but their playlists do include a lot of fantastic summer songs that they play all year long as well as some vintage, filthy rock.


Mercury, the planet of communication, rules the sign of Gemini. What else is music if not a wonderful medium for expressing emotions? There are no songs out there that still keep secrets from this sensitive zodiac sign since Gemini is such a terrific communicator and listener.

They had a fantastic sense of music because they had the ability to really listen to a song and comprehend what the artist intended. As a result, they could recognize the difference between music created for artistic reasons and music created only for financial gain.

Since Geminis love to analyze every word, they will never be seen listening to bad music with little depth. Instead, they like well designed communication.



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