There are people who feel a constant longing and seemingly can’t do anything about it. They may be missing their twin soul without being aware of it. The search for this can take a lifetime and should not be confused with kinship.

While we have many soul mates, there is only one twin soul. Whether consciously or unconsciously, it is missing and can even overshadow loving relationships.

But how does a twin soul differ from a related soul?

Sometimes it happens that you meet someone and you both immediately feel that you have known each other forever. Your heart will warm , a feeling of happiness will flow through your body. You may have a soul mate in front of you.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a person of the opposite love. It can even be a child or an elderly person. This encounter can be the beginning of a long, enriching friendship.

Soul mates have many things in common that connect and inspire trust. They often have what your own personality lacks and makes it complete.

Maybe you are longing to find your twin soul for a romantic relationship.

The soul twin is a special form of soul partnership . During several reincarnations, the two souls were always closely related. That could have been as a spouse, siblings, children, parents or close friends.

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Growing together during different lives created a close connection. This is not necessarily the case with a soul mate .

You usually recognize the twin soul immediately when you look it in the eye. However, this sudden recognition presupposes that you are a spiritual person and allows supernatural phenomena. Even if your resumes and appearance are different, your character traits, hobbies and skills are probably the same.

How do I know that I have a twin soul?

The most important thing you need to know : You will always have a telepathic connection with your soul twin. It doesn’t matter if you believe in telepathy at the moment or not. As soon as your twin soul enters your life, you feel a connection that can be very confusing at first.

While you exist on the spiritual level, i.e. do not lead an earthly life, you are a single soul. If two people are born from these, they remain connected to one another on the physical level (the earth). And even beyond death.

That may sound like esoteric humbug. But there are too many people who are allowed to experience this happiness for us to doubt.

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The feeling of being crazy

The aforementioned relationship exists between you, no matter where and how you live. It doesn’t matter if you already know each other.

Despite spatial separation , your senses often react illogically and seemingly crazy, for example:

  • You suddenly smell a fire, a perfume, or anything else that is not near you.
  • You feel light and happy or deeply sad and anxious for no apparent reason.
  • A song comes to mind and remains as an earwig, even though you haven’t heard it for a long time.
  • A wish arises out of nothing, which you simply have to fulfill. This can be, for example, a trip to a specific destination or going out into nature.
  • You may even hear voices.

Than that can, but doesn’t have to happen if you’re looking for your twin soul.

The encounter with the twin soul – can we bring it about?

It is said that twin souls can make arrangements before they reincarnate. It is about what a meeting should look like and which topics you want to solve together. You probably don’t remember that at the moment. The knowledge only comes into your consciousness when you have made contact with one another telepathically or directly.

Twin souls can incarnate at different times. Then the above-mentioned sensory perceptions are still possible, but a direct encounter cannot come about.


What can you do to make contact with your soul twin?

Maybe you think it is better to passively wait until the other wants to connect or meet with you. But as you’ve already learned, you two have the same characteristics .

If both are passive, the chance of a meeting is less than if you actively seek each other. If your longing is too great, then it is time to act.

Below you will find tips on how to make contact:

  1. Use the power of thought.

    Every thought has its own vibration frequency. You pull what you think into your life. Basically, it is therefore important to control your own world of thoughts. Perhaps you have seen the film ” The Secret ” or read the book and already know about the secrets of the Resonance Act. These will also help you find your twin soul, if it is currently on Earth.

  2. Meditate regularly.

    Meditation is an excellent way to connect with your twin soul, soul mate or dual soul . If you are already meditating and have appropriate practice, the telepathic connection may work faster. One option is guided meditations and hypnoses, such as those you can find for free on YouTube.

  3. You can write letters to him or her.

    Even if there is still no address to which you can send it, the aforementioned vibration frequency comes into play again. There is no right and wrong unless you choose positive words. Not only you can feel when your twin soul looks at you and thinks of you. This energy flows in both directions. You will reach him!

  4. Talk to the desired person.

    Tell your twin soul about yourself, what concerns you and ask them for advice. Sometimes an answer comes in the form of a flash of thought, or you read or hear something that helps you a little later.

    Even if it may seem strange to you at the moment: tell her or him where you are going today and what you want to do there. Maybe you are planning a visit to a museum, want to go for a walk on the lake or are planning an excursion.

When does the twin soul come?

Please don’t lose your patience if it doesn’t work right away. It is currently a trend to search for soul connections and to wish for a relationship with the soul person.

If the active search is unsuccessful, disappointment and loneliness spread.

Souls that have agreed to find each other hundreds or thousands of years ago follow a “ divine ” schedule.

This life may not be the right time .

But if you do, you will find yourself. Souls incarnated at the same time do not miss each other. A twin soul can come to you as a relative, as a close friend or as a love partner.

We probably hope to find the latter: A wonderful love story with the soul man.

A marriage lasts 14.8 years on average!

This anonymous test will help you find out

whether you are made for each other.

“He  really is

your soul mate ? “

Find out!

Start the test

This test will help you better assess your existing partnership.

With this unique test we want to give you the opportunity to get your problems with the men’s world under control. So take 1 minute and answer all 8 questions.

The results vary from person to person and you will be offered perfectly tailored solutions.

What distinguishes a love relationship with the soul twin from other relationships?

If you dream of a romantic fairytale wedding with the twin, of a partner who understands you at all times and never hurts you, you are wrong.

We humans are reflected in our counterpart, this becomes particularly clear with the twin soul .

We want to see the beautiful sides, the positive qualities. But where there is light there is also shadow and no one has only one chocolate side.

You will be able to engage in discussions that you would most like to avoid. But you can’t run away : one of the two pulls it back. Why this is so is due to the agreement you made before the incarnation.

There is a common theme and it is important to deal with it. You may know a couple in your environment that cannot work with each other, but also not without one another: This could be a soul couple learning their lesson.

A prominent example was Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor . Her fate was optimal for the tabloid press. The reports from the private lives of the two were extensively exploited.

What was hardly mentioned : Presumably the two twin souls. They even married twice and divorced twice. In such a case, the final line can hardly be drawn.


How is living with a twin soul?

Depending on how many open issues you still have to clarify from past lives, a wonderful relationship with deep love is possible. Blind trust and an intensity that other couples hardly know are likely at least for a while. Appreciation and the desire not to hurt the other person can, however, lead to your being narrowed down and almost overwhelmed by being too close.

Please be aware that you may not have been a couple in a past life. Maybe you were in a completely different relationship.

If you have had a love affair before, it will show from the beginning. The attraction is as strong as you have never felt it before. You feel physically and psychologically very attracted so that the chemistry is right from the first second. Some speak of dual soul love , others simply ” love at first sight “.

The latter catches almost everyone once in their lifetime and often proves to be a flash in the pan. It is different if the divine plan provides for the encounter.

What is unique in living together with the twin soul

Perhaps once you ‘ve found your heart , you ‘ll have to look back on some failed relationships. Now everything is changing, for good and for bad:

  1. The beginning is usually stormy, often the second step is taken before the first. The feelings are very intense. Physical closeness and love are usually quickly admitted.
  2. No matter whether one of the two is bound. The desire to be and stay together becomes so strong that existing relationships no longer stand a chance.
  3. Your twin knows you as well as you know yourself. On the one hand this can promote harmony, on the other hand there is no mutual discovery in the getting to know each other phase.
  4. A big topic of twin souls is self-love . The other always holds up the mirror to you. You recognize both good and bad qualities in it. If you are jealous, you are dealing with a jealous partner. If you lie, he lies. If you are romantic, he is too and if you are a loving, kind person, you will get such a partner.
  5. You will share many interests and hobbies . What is often missing in partnerships is not an issue for you. You love the same films, you both like to go to the opera or the football stadium. And whether vacation in the mountains or by the sea: there is also absolute unity.

Separation from the twin soul – what does that mean?

You have been separated many times and also for a very long time. Except that you were telepathically as good as possible for each other, everyone was allowed to shape his life alone. Please be aware again that you do not necessarily incarnate at the same time . You too were always there for your twin soul, whether consciously or unconsciously. It is a nice and comforting feeling to know that you are never really alone.

If you find yourself in this life, a goodbye will inevitably follow. At the latest when one of the two dies.


What happens after the death of my twin soul?

The death of a loved one hurts and grief can last for weeks or months. It particularly affects people who lose their soul mate.

Knowing that your loved one is back in the hereafter while staying on earth is probably unbearable. Now the question arises painfully whether there will be a reunion.

People often report that they dream very vividly and realistically after death. Sometimes they receive comforting messages or advice on how to go on alone.

Usually there is a big learning and life task waiting for the twin left behind.

If you play alone with the idea of ​​also leaving life, please seek professional help directly.

If you manage to see deep grief as what it is a bit – namely self-pity – you can regain your zest for life.

The communication with the deceased can you help to get back to everyday life. And is it comforting to learn that physical death is not the end of everything? The heart person has not disappeared forever and irrevocably.

When the twin theme determines your life

Perhaps the constant longing is so intense that it strains existing relationships. Sometimes it affects the ability to partner at all.

Twin souls often do not know what exactly they are missing. They are always on the lookout and often have changing partners. Because something seems to be missing in every relationship – they sense that.

If you love a person who, despite their feelings, does not want to commit to you, take a closer look at the twin topic. Perhaps it also gives you information about why you currently feel that something is missing.



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