The descendant states which characteristics one does not have and therefore looks for in the partner in order to complement each other perfectly.

Many horoscope readers do not even know their descendant . The sign of the zodiac, which can be seen on the eastern horizon at the moment of birth, indicates the ascendant. He is known to most. Opposite him is the descendant, which is sinking on the western horizon. Those who know him can use this knowledge and make his relationships and partnerships more harmonious.

Meaning of the descendant

In general horoscopes, which we know from magazines and magazines, the descendant hardly ever comes up, but in horoscopes that can be created individually by the astrologer. Here it is often abbreviated to “DC”. “Descendere” comes from Latin and means to descend.

Astrologers are aware of the fundamental importance of the descendant. It is clear to them that the ascendant would not be fully effective without its counterpart. In order to be in balance, not only should we know how to present ourselves externally, we should also be clear about what we lack.

While the ascendant makes it clear how a person shows himself and is perceived by his environment, the descendant describes what we expect from the relationships with our fellow human beings and in our partnership, which characteristics optimally complement us. In the partnership, in the circle of friends and in the job – when there is friction in interpersonal relationships, it brings us out of balance. Then clarity has to be found and compromises have to be found – the descendant can help.

Calculation of the descendant

In order to calculate the ascendant, the place of birth and the time of birth must be known in addition to the day of birth. There are numerous ascendant calculators on the Internet that, fed with this information, determine the ascendant.

Anyone who knows him can calculate his descendant by walking either forward or backward in the zodiac. The sixth character identifies the descendant.

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  • Example 1: Your ascendant is Libra. Hike back via Virgo (1), Lion (2), Cancer (3), Gemini (4), Bull (5) and Aries (6). Your descendant is Aries.
  • Example 2: Your ascendant is Scorpio. Walk forward in the zodiac over Sagittarius (1), Capricorn (2), Aquarius (3), Pisces (4), Aries (5) and Bull (6). Your descendant is Taurus.

Descendants in interpersonal relationships

It is not uncommon for the descendant and the descendant to challenge each other by showing their weaknesses to each other. Suddenly, the sensitive fish ascendant meets the sober virgin, who is directly opposite her in the horoscope, and the diplomatic Liberal descendant soothes the impetuous Aries ascendant, which the lack of assertiveness of the Libra sometimes also upsets.

The popular saying is that opposites attract each other. If these meet, it can also be hurtful, for example if it is the partner who cheerfully presses his own buttons with his or her behavior. A major abuse of trust is fraud, which often indicates a problem in the partnership. Who most often cheats? This is what zodiac signs say about loyalty in the relationship . We can talk to our partner, clear misunderstandings and forgive fraud.

If we meet our counterpart in the job, compromises are also required, because colleagues cannot always be chosen. Those who know their descendants can tackle difficulties before they become an unsolvable, interpersonal problem.

If you look courageously into this mirror and try to find out what the other person is triggering in yourself, you can grow from this knowledge and learn to accept and integrate foreign characteristics. A personal enrichment for both parties.

If you want to work on yourself, you can also take a look at the biggest weaknesses of the zodiac signs and learn a lot about yourself and your fellow human beings. You can find out more about zodiac signs on our topic page.



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