Clinical astrologer Gleb Palamarchuk told Life what diseases each agent of the zodiac circle suffers from and what the signs of the zodiac need to do to function and eliminate conditions.

What conditions are characteristic of Aries?

Mars – a hot world – the ruler of Aries – is responsible for the activity, stress as well as militancy. If a person birthed under this fiery sign of the zodiac is inactive, does disappoint his Mars enough, or is confronted with different inflammatory illnesses, he may have skin rashes and dermatitis. Usually, it is in Aries that illness of the head, mind, nose, ears, eyes and top jaw take place. These are frustrations, meningitis, and high temperature. If a person is not energetic, the body begins to hurt. Well, if he is additionally constantly disappointed with this, according to psychosomatics he gets bruises, misplacements, and cracks. If in the natal chart of Aries Mars lies in the initial house, it is most likely that he has scars on his face.

The compensator for all diseases according to Aries will certainly be a strenuous activity and also sporting activities. It is also crucial for Aries themselves to recognize that their energy is dispersed in jumps and also after reaching a specific goal, a decrease occurs, as much as apathy as well as depression. To prevent this from taking place, it is necessary for Aries to constantly look a couple of steps in advance, and established an objective on their own, then there will certainly be no energy decline.

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The compensator for all conditions according to Aries will certainly be a strenuous activity and sporting activity. It is likewise vital for Aries themselves to recognize that their energy is distributed in leaps as well as after getting to a certain goal, a decrease takes place, approximately passiveness as well as anxiety. To avoid this from happening, it is important for Aries to always look a few actions ahead, and set a goal for themselves, then there will certainly be no energy decrease</p>
What illnesses are characteristic of Taurus?

Astrologically, the best world in Taurus is Venus. She is in charge of love, cash, and convenience. And the weakest earth of these agents of the components of the Earth is Pluto, in whose patronage is danger, makeover, and modification. On the one hand, if Taurus does not get enough convenience, if they are under continuous stress, they begin to get sick. Conditions of people birthed under this zodiac sign are every little thing about the lower jaw, teeth, throat, and thyroid gland. To recover, Taurus needs to put themselves in a convenience zone, every little thing should be enough: food, money, safety, and security. On the other hand, if Taurus is constantly in a comfort area, they have problems with the reproductive system, considering that Scorpio, whose ruler is Pluto, is responsible for it. Hence, for Taurus, the equilibrium of the convenience area as well as discomfort is essential.

What diseases are normal for Gemini?

Gemini’s primary judgment planet is Mercury. It is responsible for speech, approval, processing as well as transmission of info, as well as for getting to the brain with nerve impulses. Conditions of Gemini and also individuals who have Mercury affected – chronic cough, respiratory disease, bronchial asthma. Extremely usually, in minutes of tension, Gemini essentially falls silent, as if words are no longer enough. If in a person’s natal chart at birth, Mercury lies near the Sun (this is called shed Mercury), with a one hundred percent chance he will certainly have speech defects: stuttering, burring, rapid speech, or also loud voice. Compensators for Gemini diseases: jogging, swimming, seeing a speech therapist, and also public speaking programs.

What diseases are common for Cancers?

Cancer cells are ruled by the Moon. This ruler is responsible for whatever is related to women’s power, consequently, Cancer cells are characterized by bust illness, mastitis, as well as swelling. One of the primary features of the Moon is the monitoring of the stomach and also the whole digestion system. If in an individual’s natal graph, the Moon is impacted or remains in a weak setting, as, for example, in Scorpio, after that, he has a predisposition to gastritis, tummy ulcers, as well as acid indigestion. In addition to following a diet plan, these representatives of the aspects of Water need to bear in mind the psychosomatic reasons for these diseases. This might be the acid indigestion of any type of information or a person. In this instance, Cancer needs to be alone, think about, and absorb all incoming data.

What conditions are common for Leo?

That is Leo? This is the king of monsters. This is an individual who heats the warmth of enjoyed ones and cares for others. He is not ashamed to reveal the outcomes of his job, it is simple for him to shine. Leo’s ruler is the Sunlight, the facility of the solar system. In the body, the organ for which the Sunlight is accountable is the heart. Thus, more frequently than other signs of the zodiac, Leos encounters problems in the heart and also illness of the cardio system. If the Lions do not shine, do disappoint themselves creatively, and do not care about other people, their heart agreements, conditions such as coronary heart problems, and angina pectoris occur.

A person whose sun is afflicted by Mars in the natal graph will certainly experience high blood pressure, which is affected by Saturn – hypotension. To overcome these health problems, you require to allow love into your heart, load it with it, find out to love on your own and also provide this love to others, and, significantly, find a task to your heart, not your mind.

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A person whose sun is afflicted by Mars in the natal chart will suffer from hypertension, who is affected by Saturn – hypotension. To work through these diseases, you need to allow love into your heart, fill it with it, discover to like yourself as well as provide this love to others, as well as, significantly, find a task for your heart, as well as not for your mind

What conditions are characteristic of Virgos?

Virgo is the earthly, material sign of the zodiac. Daily this guy places his globe in order, like a little royal prince from a fairytale by Exupery. Virgo is a workaholic, if she gets sick, this is straight about the fact that she is worn. Virgo has the most direct connection between the job and also health. If the job does not bring satisfaction, Virgo gets sick. And first off, her intestines suffer. Individuals birthed under this zodiac sign require to comply with the balance of job and recreation. Virgo has the greatest planet – Mercury, in charge of the mind, as well as the weakest – Neptune. He offers Virgo unreasonable concerns, and as a powerful innovator, she will certainly construct protection against them, “if something occurs.” These anxieties create the Virgo to think ahead several actions ahead, which makes her mind agitated: therefore sleep problems and also depression. Along with the balance of work as well as the remainder, the offsetting action for Virgo is the growth of belief. It is very important to find out to rely on wonder as well as trust fund the Universe. And also here, the expression “the methods of the Lord are ambiguous” will certainly come in helpful: since it is impossible to plan for everything beforehand, you just require to think that every little thing will certainly be great.

What diseases are characteristic of Libra?

Libra is a double indicator that locates it extremely tough to go through life alone. These agents of the elements of Air require a companion, and it is not so essential – in marriage or service. The main thing is that someone complements Libra. This sign of the zodiac, like nothing else, is necessary to develop harmonious partnerships. If Libra does not succeed, they start to get ill, and also the kidneys suffer to start with. Collected animosity, rage, and disappointment in a partner, or oneself stagnate in the kidneys. It is important to take notice of the mental side of the issue: to approve the blemish of oneself or a companion, to forgive insults, to live through adverse feelings, then the disease will certainly no more be needed.

What conditions are characteristic of Scorpions?

The leader of Scorpio – Pluto – is accountable for transformation, change, power and control, and control. If Scorpio does not create its most powerful energy or directs it to the hindrance of itself as well as individuals, the pelvic organs experience, consisting of the bladder, as well as the reproductive system. There are different kinds of venereal diseases, ectopic maternity, and so on. Scorpio becomes bitter, and conflicts with every person around. Offsetting actions for Scorpio: direct super-strong power for the benefit of others, work in law enforcement or the legal field, manage individuals for the benefit of society, create sexuality through games with a companion, expose the secrets of this world.

What conditions are typical for Sagittarians?

In the very symbol of Sagittarius, the objective is visible, and it is exceptionally important for people born under this sign of the zodiac to have a large-scale goal like no one else. Without strategies and ambitions, Sagittarians come to be poisonous, and very crucial. The weak point of Sagittarius is the liver. These representatives of the components of Fire are identified by cirrhosis, cholecystitis, as well as liver disease. It is necessary to always remember this as well as being modest in food and beverage, particularly throughout the vacations. Additionally, the weak point of Sagittarius is the pelvis, hips, and sciatic nerve. Compensator for illness: moderation in nutrition and also establishing a large objective. When such a goal is found, the eyes of Sagittarius will start to shed once again, and also the disorders will certainly go away.

What diseases are characteristic of Capricorns?

Capricorns are ruled by Saturn, the social world. Lots of consider it malicious, but it is an earth of self-control, self-restraint as well as order. Extremely commonly, in childhood, Capricorns were not offered love, they were forbidden to reveal their Moon, that is, feelings, they required adult habits from them. Such Capricorns mature as significant, dry individuals that are frequently working. And afterward, regularly these reps of the elements of the Earth currently in their adult years have illness according to Saturn: these are conditions of the spine, joints, particularly the knees

Illness of Capricorns – sclerosis, joint inflammation, osteochondrosis, sciatic nerve pain, paralysis. Capricorn essentially drives the body with lots of jobs. Offsetting activities for Capricorns: equilibrium of work and also rest, correct nourishment with a high web content of calcium in foods, do not overload, do not lug heavy tons, and reduce the tons on the spinal column and also knees.

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What diseases are characteristic of Aquarius?

The leader of Aquarius is Uranus, a planet that is essentially connected with electrical energy and also nerve cells in the human mind. Therefore, Aquarius is more than all the signs of the zodiac based on nervous breakdown: sleeplessness, neurosis, and overload of the nerve system approximately a strike of epilepsy. As we remember, all diseases are from the nerves, and also if Aquarians do not follow the psychological lots, this leads to cardiovascular disease, pinching of the sciatic nerve, and condition of the legs. Compensatory activities for Aquarius: do not overload yourself with unneeded information, spend less time on social media networks, and pause from your mental job regularly. Additionally, the progress of the influence of Uranus will contribute to recuperation: these are courses in electronic devices, astrology, innovation, and robotics.

What illnesses are common for Pisces?

Pisces have a highly created intuition, they perfectly feel people – actual empaths. Pisces love to live in desires, and also for a reason because the leader of this zodiac sign is the planet, Neptune. She is responsible for illusions, dreams, faith, anxieties, and deceptions. When Pisces swim out of dreams and also encounter severe reality, they will likely swim back to the illusory globe. Usually, these marine individuals are immersed in it with the help of damaging methods. Medicine dependency, alcoholism, and schizophrenia are illnesses born under the zodiac sign Pisces. Frequently, they likewise have all the hard-to-diagnose diseases. And also typically they occur due to when happened severe stress. This can be worked out by eliminating the resource of stress or with the help of psychiatric therapy. If we speak about body parts, Pisces diseases are whatever is related to the feet: flat feet, foot fungi, foot deformity, cracked heels. In this case, astrologer Gleb Palamarchuk recommends buying orthopedic insoles.


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