There are some questions that you and your partner should ask yourself in the course of the relationship – even though this conversation may end badly. Because one thing is certain: Whether good or bad, then you are in any case a little smarter.

5 things to approach in a relationship:

  • 1. “Can you imagine being with me forever?”.

This question may sound banal, but people have completely different ideas about relationships and their future – and this fact is often forgotten in blind infatuation. So, one partner thinks about having children together and marrying, while the concept of eternal love and fidelity to the other may be completely unrealistic.

  • 2. “Do you think we would be friends if we were not in love with each other?”

It is important to ask oneself in a relationship whether one would also find his partner sympathetic in a purely platonic way. Eventually, the effect of the pink glasses diminishes, and only then does it become apparent whether two people (not just as lovers) fit together well.

  • 3. “Do you think we are good for each other?”

Many people have relationships that are not good for them (without them noticing). They develop a dependency, neglect their own desires and goals and vegetate “half happy” to themselves. It is therefore very important to ask yourself and your partner if you are actually doing each other well. This begins to consciously reflect on one’s own inner well-being and to deal with whether one develops in the relationship or whether the partnership slows down one’s own development.

  • 4. “Are there things we both love?”

Common interests and passions often seem unimportant in the first few months of relationship, because the great commonality here is first the “we”. But the longer you are together, the more important it is to be able to enjoy things together. Opposites may attract at first, but commonalities are the foundation upon which good relationships are built.

  • 5. “Would it be ok for you to try new things during sex?”

That the common sex life could run better, of course, should not be so drastically formulated, but be addressed with much empathy and caution. It should be addressed in any case. Whether the partner is willing to overcome his own inhibitions for the other and to actively work on himself, is a not unimportant detail for a healthy relationship.