It’s not always easy to be small. At concerts you do not see anything, if you want the cornflakes at the top of the shelf in the supermarket, you have to ask someone for help and pants are generally half a meter too long. 

However, according to research, small women married to tall men have the best marriages. Sure, there are many factors to successful marriage – trust, good communication, respect. But just the size difference should play a significant role.

Little women and big men have good marriages

In one study, researchers surveyed 8,000 participants. Exciting: They actually found a correlation between the size of the man and the satisfaction of the woman.

The more inches the two physically separated, the happier the woman was in the marriage. But why are tall men so much more attractive than little ones? It has everything to do with how we deal with people in society.

The study found that taller men feel more confident and have a higher self-esteem, making them look more attractive.

In addition, employers consider larger men to be more trustworthy and skilled. Therefore, they will probably earn more money – and consequently lead a carefree life, which also makes their spouses feel happier.

Moreover, everything goes back to evolution: the biggest, The strongest men were the best hunter-gatherers, which attracted the ladies at the time – because it was life-sustaining. Dark days so for small men.

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If you as a tall woman datest datest, but you shouldn’t hang your head. In the study, the researchers also point out that size should not be a deal breaker. It’s just one factor of many in a relationship. Most important is emotional connection.