Everyone has a buddy or relative they may confide in. A trusted friend who would never share your darkest, most private experiences with anybody else.

Then there are some that wouldn’t respect your privacy. Even if you continually ask them not to tell anybody, before midday everyone will be aware of your plans.

Whether with good or evil intentions, these zodiac signs are gregarious by nature. They often find themselves in places where they possess information that nobody else has. It is often too alluring to keep what they know to themselves.

Discover the four zodiac signs that aren’t very adept at protecting their own secrets and are much worse at protecting others’ secrets by reading on.

Who you confide in matters.


Gemini is not a sign that tends to keep things to themselves.

Geminis are sensitive individuals who often struggle with emotionally taxing duties. Furthermore, maintaining your secret makes them struggle. It’s not that they have forgotten to keep their word and not inform anybody. They just need to vent about the burden of responsibilities.

Gemini is regarded as a rumor monger. They are often seen gathering interesting facts from others around them since Mercury, the planet of communication, rules them. What are their options? They are really curious about everyone. After that, impart their expertise to others. They always do it.

Usually, they don’t have bad intentions. Gemini just finds it difficult to be silent. When there is stillness, secrets that they ought to have kept to themselves may wind up shooting out of their mouths.


A devoted sign in the Zodiac is Sagittarius. But since they are always learning and experiencing new things, they often forget precisely what it was they weren’t allowed to reveal to others.

Sagittarius is a sign that is inherently outgoing and transparent, thus it is difficult for them to comprehend when others are guarded and closed off. They will tell you their entire life story the first time you meet them. Additionally, if you happen to come up in discussion, ecstatic Sagittarius can accidentally divulge your secrets out of joy.

Sagittarius is a mobile sign. They interact with new people, try new activities, and look for novel, thrilling experiences. If it weren’t for Sagittarius, they may never have connected with different groups of individuals. This can lead to them seeing similarities in the lives of others, and they may seek advice on your behalf.

Sagittarius are devoted friends who never want to purposely harm those they care about. However, because of their impatience, they may force others off the diving board before they are ready.


The Libra you’re speaking to might be a social wolf in sheep’s clothing or a sincere buddy, depending on who you are.

Libra is renowned for gathering secrets and using them cunningly to advance in society. People feel at ease with them naturally. This can lower the walls people have built, allowing Libra to coax secrets out of others.

On the other hand, Libra is a loyal friend to those they feel a deep connection with. Until you come up in a group chat, Libra will maintain your secret. It’s just too tempting to not share that they had inside knowledge.

Venus, the planet of love, peace, and beauty, rules Libra. Symbolized by the scales, it isn’t a surprise that they have two dramatically different sides to them. They work to promote peace on the outside, but they might stand to improve on finding harmony between their two sides within.


Pisces doesn’t remember it was a secret. They know they were told the secret, but not that they were told to not tell anyone.

Pisces often find themselves drifting in and out of their imagination, and it can blur the lines of reality. Did they share anything with someone or were they simply daydreaming? This is a major reason why Pisces can be considered flighty and unreliable.

Pisces swore they made that reservation. Then realized they had just been going over the script to say when they called to make the reservation in their mind. It is the same with the secrets their friends told them.

It would be a good idea for Pisces to use a planner or notebook of some sort. It can help with keeping grounded in reality when it comes to plans. Though maybe don’t write down the secrets you weren’t supposed to tell. Losing things is another superpower for Pisces, and a book full of other people’s secrets isn’t something to go losing in public.



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