Everyone is always going to have different motivations and reasons behind why they might become unfaithful in a relationship. Perhaps someone might have been completely drunk and wasted. Maybe someone had been feeling particularly dissatisfied and unfulfilled with how the relationship turned out. Maybe that person made a rather impulsive decision without thinking things through all the way.


It’s always going to be a different story. There’s always a different narrative for everyone to tell. However, recent studies have shown that the reasons in which people engage in infidelity might actually be categorized by gender. In a survey that was conducted by Superdrug Online Doctor, more than 2,000 Americans and Europeans were polled and asked about why they would ever cheat in a relationship. And the leaders of the study found that men and women typically cheat because of substantially different reasons.

Most of the women who were surveyed in the US and Europe were found to have this as the number one most common reason behind their unfaithfulness and infidelity: they said that their male counterparts had stopped giving them the time and attention that they required in the relationship.

Some other popular answers among women include the following:

  • They found comfort in their cheating partners.
  • They found their cheating partners physically attractive.
  • They were having more doubts about their current relationships:

On the other side of the coin, when the men in these surveys were asked the same question, the most popular answer was quite different. The European and American collection of men both confirmed that they only cheated because they found their cheating partners to be very physically attractive.

Other reasons that were popular with the men who were surveyed are the following:

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  • They weren’t getting enough sexual fulfillment in the relationship.
  • They were being hit on by potential cheating partners.
  • They found comfort in their cheating partners.

What the results of this survey can tell us is that men are typically driven by visual pleasures and physical desires when it comes to cheating and infidelity. And on the other hand, women are going to be driven by their feelings and emotions. This might have already been the sentiment of plenty of people regarding the matter. But now, science has actually shed some light on it.

Men also confirmed that it was much harder for them to resist advances from a woman who was flirting with them in public. This has led to another study about how women have better self-control than men do.

The study also looked into the lives of the same 2,000 people on the instances wherein they were being tempted to the limits and didn’t cheat on their partners. What they found was that women are just more likely to get emotionally close to someone as compared to men. And incidentally, emotional cheating happens to be the most common form of cheating too. The study also found that men didn’t consider physical acts that didn’t involve sex to be cheating.

Naturally, the study’s methodology isn’t a perfect or a definitive one. However, it does give us substantial insight into how gender can play into fidelity in relationships. If you have ever been curious about the intricacies and psychology behind cheating, then this article might have been a substantial help to you. At the end of the day, infidelity is still a rampant phenomenon that can prove to be destructive to relationships every day.