Many people live with constant uncertainty and ask themselves whether the partner is loyal or not. But if you don’t catch your partner in Flagranti or find clear news, you can often not dispel the doubts. A loyalty test is one way to finally get certainty. As the owner of the agency “Die Treuetester” , I answer the variants and how reliable loyalty tests are .


What kind of people are they doing loyalty tests?

Contact us men and women who want to bring certainty back into your life and your partnership. Many suffer greatly from the uncertainty as to whether your partner is cheating, hiding, or not averse to contacting others. Most of the time, the customers are also biased from previous or even from the current relationship, have been disappointed or the trust has been broken , as there have been some incidents, such as intensive contacts via social media platforms, cheating or clear text messages. Others, in turn , want to be certain that the partner is the right one, for example before a wedding, a shared apartment or before planning a family.

What options are there to test the partner’s loyalty?

We offer various test variants, from SMS, telephone, mail, chat tests to a personal meeting . Depending on the customer’s request, we pursue a different goal, e.g. exchange of telephone numbers, appointment for a date or the exchange of clear messages via SMS, WhatsApp or Facebook.
We now also offer sperm trace and paternity tests .

And what does a loyalty test cost?

• SMS test: € 29
• Telephone test: € 90
• Mail test: € 120
• Chat test: € 175
• Personal meeting: € 75 / hour plus travel expenses, expenses
• Sperm trace
test: € 199 • Paternity test: from 250 €

Which test variants are carried out the most?

We most often carry out loyalty tests via SMS, WhatsApp or chat . This is because, on the one hand, it is very quick and uncomplicated and, on the other hand, the fact that communication takes place primarily on cell phones these days.

Are the women or men to be tested who are suddenly contacted by a stranger not suspicious? Especially when you haven’t given anyone your number?

Of course, it can happen that the person being tested becomes suspicious. Experience has shown that this is due to the fact that the partner behaves strangely before or during the performance of a loyalty test or that the topic of infidelity is very specific. However, we are very creative, always come up with a good story and do not fall directly into the house.

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Loyalty test: is my partner loyal or unfaithful?

How far do loyalty testers go in a test? Could it really be very intimate?

A kiss is the maximum that a client could ask for. But even then I ask the testers if they agree. If this is not the case, the client has to accept that. I recommend to everyone that with specific questions you can get answers to open questions as well.

How can you commission a loyalty test?

Before customers commission us, you usually contact us by phone or email and ask us your open questions or describe your situation. In this case, we will determine together which loyalty test is used. On the other hand, there are customers who know beforehand which test is best. All tests can be ordered online. After placing the order, the customer receives an order confirmation and a questionnaire in which he can provide all information about the test person. We then carry out the test.

What evidence do you get from a loyalty test? And can they be used in court in divorce proceedings?

With an SMS, e-mail and chat test, the client receives the test result in the form of screenshots of the message history by e-mail. During a telephone and personal test, memory protocols are made. We expressly point out that results from the loyalty test or reports about it and other information received from us have no legal relevance . Evidence obtained through a divorce investigation by cooperative detectives can be used in court.

How many loyalty testers do you have and can you choose them yourself for a test?

We have over 200 testers , with the number growing daily. There are women and men between the ages of 18 and 50, with different looks and interests , so that there is something for every taste. With us you cannot choose the testers yourself. When placing an order, customers can of course tell us what type of woman or man they imagine. Information about appearance, age and interests are particularly important. We then select a tester that best matches the information.

How often does a separation occur after a loyalty test?

Unfortunately, we do not know in how many cases there is actually a separation, since we only provide the customer with the test result or the evidence. He then decides for himself how his future will go. However, there are some customers who contact us after the test and tell us how it ended.

Can you prevent the partner from cheating?

Unfortunately, you cannot prevent the partner from cheating on you. But I think there are a number of things you can do in the partnership to minimize the chances. Communication is essential and in my opinion the key to a good partnership. Many men complain that they cannot speak openly about their love fantasies to their partner. They are often afraid of the reactions, for example that the partner says that you are perverted. Women should be a little more open about this, but that doesn’t mean that they should fulfill every love fantasy. It is also important to set goals after many years together
that you want to achieve together. After all, planning for the future is not over when you build a house, get married and have children.



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