Correctly reading the flirting signals of the opposite sex can be a challenge for you. His look immediately reveals that he has lost his heart to you. This article tells you how else you can recognize his true feelings.

You probably think a lot before your first date in “ Real Life ”:

” What am I wearing? ”

“ Sporty, playful, or sexy? ”
” Makeup, yes or no? ”
” Leave your hair down or tie it up? ”
” Nail polish, yes or no? ”
After all, you want to please your dating partner right away and trigger a wow effect.

This is especially true if you are sympathetic to each other. Perhaps you have already exchanged ideas several times in chat or via Skype and found one or the other thing in common online. Then the hopes and expectations for the first meeting are high.

At the same time, there may be a particular uncertainty: does he like what he sees? Are the proportions right for him? What is the Lord of creation looking at anyway?

You are not alone in this. Exactly this question is probably asked by almost all women who are looking forward to a date with a promising candidate.

The answers to this question will probably surprise you in part!

What look does the man in love have?
What do men look for in women?
Let’s start with the most obvious:

your looks

Yes, looks matter. Your crush will give you intense looks if they like the look of you. That sounds superficial though. But it is part of it. Only if you find each other sexy does your love have a chance.

After all, you also want to get physically close. This only works if the attraction is present on both sides.

But what does he pay particular attention to in you? Boobs, legs, or eyes?

A survey of 4,000 singles investigated this question.

The result: On the first date, your dream man will probably look at your figure first. In other words, it scans the “ complete package ” first, so to speak.

This applies to at least 60 percent of male singles.

Other results of the survey:

Around 30 percent of men first target their bottom.

25 percent pay attention to your hair.
Just 19 percent of guys are interested in your hands. (So ​​much for whether or not nail polish is a good idea.)
9 out of 10 women do not dare

to conquer her dream man.

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Don’t worry: That doesn’t mean that you only have a chance with him as a catalog beauty with model dimensions. It is well known that tastes differ. Nevertheless, the erotic attraction between you must not be missing.

Otherwise, you will end up in the dreaded friend zone. Then you might win a dear, attentive buddy. But not a partner for life. Or for an exciting date.

Do you want to conquer a certain man? Then wear something that flatters your figure. Let your assets shine.

your attitude towards life
Do you want more than an exciting flirt or a short-term adventure? Then sexual attraction alone is not enough. Appearance is the beginning, the first step.

For your sweetheart to fall in love with you, you must fit together personally and in character :

Are you on the same wavelength?

Can you be silent with each other?
Do you feel like you understand each other?
connect similarities. That goes for hobbies, interests, and your sense of humor. But it also applies to your attitude towards life. The more similar you tick in this regard, the better!

Certain differences are unproblematic. If you’re completely congruent, it could get boring at worst. A few friction points are even good.

However, if your points of view do not match at all, he will most likely lose interest in you after a short flirtation.

However, there is no point in simply conforming to him to win him over.

First of all, he would probably find out sooner or later. Secondly, you are hopefully (!) looking for a partnership in which you will be loved for who you are.

Your charisma

Most men instinctively feel the need to protect the woman they love. That’s how you know he cares about you.

You don’t have to come across as shy, naive, or vulnerable to trigger this reflex in him. That happens by itself. Your loved one wants you to be okay. So he stands up for you.

On the contrary: Most men find a self-confident charisma particularly attractive. Knowing what you want out of life makes you attractive to your crush.

Live your life! Pursue your hobbies and interests. Climb the corporate ladder and don’t set your bar too low.

It makes you look strong and desirable. Your heart man realizes that you are worth conquering. And he will work hard to do just that.

These signs reveal his feelings for you

If you’re reading this article, you probably haven’t gotten to that point yet.

You’ve probably had your first dates by now. You enjoy the time with him, laugh and flirt. You have butterflies in your stomach.

Your hands are sweaty and when he looks at you like that, your heart races. No question: you got caught!

But is he like that? Or does he see you more as a buddy? How do you recognize the signs that he has feelings for you and that he can imagine more with you?

Men tend to be more reluctant to express their feelings than women. This probably makes you feel insecure. You ask yourself: ” Now does he feel something for me?”

How serious is he about you?

It may take a while before he puts his feelings into words. But there’s a simple trick to looking behind your poker face: Pay attention to a man’s body language. That is difficult to control.

Eye contact of men in love

What is his body language saying?
Facing Posture
If your date turns to you, it shows that they are interested. It may even mirror your movements from time to time. Then his feelings already go one step further: He likes you!

Are there small, seemingly random touches like his hand on your arm or his hand on your back?

There’s a good chance it sparked with him too!

Do you like dominant or rather reserved men? This assignment is important because they differ in their posture.

A dominant male signals strength and self-confidence. He wants to present himself to you in the best possible way. That’s why he’s straightening up. This makes him look bigger and more imposing.

This increases his chest width.

He may also add a little more depth to his voice when you’re talking. In short: he is particularly masculine. This is how he wants to please you.

A shy single person is likely to break out in a sweat from excitement and nervousness around her. Your proximity drives him crazy.

He doesn’t want to do anything wrong – and starts sweating from every pore. Maybe the skin on his face is reddening. His movements become more hectic and he breathes faster.

Additionally, the hands of a shy man in love often take on a life of their own.

Do you meet meaningful, deep looks? Then you took his heart by storm!

A clear line of sight

If he has a crush on you, he’s probably looking at you over and over again. He can’t get enough of you.

His gaze wanders over your lips, lingers on your eyes, wanders along your body.

If he looks at your breasts, legs, and buttocks, it signals his sexual interest.

He likes what he sees!

If he keeps making eye contact with you during the conversation, his feelings are probably already moving on.

9 out of 10 women do not dare

to conquer her dream man.

Do you finally want to conquer your dream man?

Find out now in the free test,

how you can do it!

Start testing here!

This test will show you how you can finally conquer the man of your dreams. With this unique test, we would like to allow you to get a grip on your challenges in the world of men. So take 1 minute and answer all 9 questions.

The results vary from person to person and you will be offered perfectly tailored solutions.

Dilated pupils

A man’s amorous look is something special. When he looks at you, you feel like the center of his world. In these moments there is nothing else for him but you.

Do his pupils dilate when he talks to you. That’s a very good sign! This reveals his intense emotional involvement.

So he is interested in you, attentive or even aroused. direct hit!

Nervous touches
Are you still unsure whether he feels more for you or not? Then focus on his hands.

If he frequently touches his face or straightens his clothes, it shows his desire to please you.

Along with teary eyes, dilated pupils, and frequent glances, this is a dead giveaway that he’s head over heels in love with you.

Frequent smiles

His lips also give you valuable information: Does he smile at you often? Do you often hear him laughing happily and boisterously in your presence?

Does what you say positively amuse him?

This is a clear signal that he likes you!

What do the looks of a man generally reveal?

It sounds cliche, but men are simpler than women.

If a single male gives you his attention, that alone gives away his interest. He turns to you. He looks straight at you. He devotes his time to you.

When you meet him, does he instead look around, and focus on his phone, or other women? Then it doesn’t crackle between you, unfortunately.

Another indication of his feelings: After the first date, he pays the bill as if by himself. That’s normal for him. He wants to see you again and shows you that with this gesture.

If he suggests or insists on sharing the amount, then maybe it didn’t crack. It’s almost an unwritten law.

So feel free to accept his generosity on the first date.

At the second meeting, you can then contribute your part or take on the entire bill. Then you are already one step further.

BUT: If he avoids your gaze when asked about the payment, it can also mean that he is unsure how that would make you feel if he paid.

So don’t just put him in the ” not interested ” box right away.


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